YOTH Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

This week one more cardigan flew off my needles – the project for YOTH yarns that I started this Fall is over and I am a little bit sad to let it go… It was a pure joy to work with Father in Hazelnut, this yarn has such an amazing stitch definition and it knits like butter!

YOTH cardigan is a top down cardigan with the yoke shaped as a compound raglan to ensure the perfect fit. It’s “framed” with a classic 1×1 rib neckband with a collar shaped with the help of short rows. The border is finished with an i-cord bind off.

Textured Cardigan

It has a very “clean” and refined look, just like YOTH yarns company whose aesthetics I tried to reflect in this knitwear piece. And, of course, I couldn’t not add some texture to it. I played around with the stitch that has been one my “to-knit” list forever, changed it a little bit and was very happy with the result. It reminds me, for some reason, of the palm leaf…

Textured Cardigan

I also love the wrong side of the cardigan – it has a completely different look, but also creates a very interesting texture effect! What I am also really pleased with is that this stitch is very stretchy, which will ensure that the body of the cardigan fits you perfectly even if your gauge was a little bit off.

Textured Cardigan

Father is very quick to knit with! I would definitely recommend it to beginners as it’s very easy to create neat and crisp stitches in this yarn.

Textured Cardigan

One more little detail that I love so much is a slightly curved edges of the border that create beautiful smooth lines.

Textured Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

The cardigan will fly to YOTH yarns soon, and though I am a little bit sad to let it go, I am really excited to see how YOTH team will style it – so looking forward to their photoshoot! I am sure they will do a great job, I really love how they present their yarns and knitwear. The pattern will be available through YOTH Ravelry store in winter 2017. You can follow YOTH yarns on Instagram @yarnonthehouse to keep up with all the updates.

Textured Cardigan

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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  1. So clean and fresh. I love it! I hope you get to keep this remarkable sample for yourself.

    Wishing you the very best this holiday week. Much love!

    • Thank you, dear Andrea! Nope, it will fly away from me 🙂 But I definitely want to make one for myself, I really, really love it! Have a great holiday week – enjoy your time with your wonderful family!

  2. This is just stunning! I love all the gorgeous details — those curved edges — swoon!!

  3. Oh that is sparingly gorgeous, Alina. And the collar is perfect. What yummy looking yarn. Excellent work!

  4. what a lovely job you did with this!!!! absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Oh I love the details. Looks like this one is my kind of cardigan.

  6. I love YOTH yarns! Can’t wait for the pattern release… another one for my queue!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Such a pity that you had to sent away your cardigan… But, in the same time, so excited to wait for professional photos!! 🙂

  9. Another brilliant design! I am impressed by your attention to the smallest details!

  10. soooooo pretty! I love the cardigan and the yarn together 🙂 What a fun collaboration for you!

  11. This looks so unbelievably soft and cozy!!! I cannot wait for the actual reveal! As you may have noticed I just caught up with your blog :-), I was saving it for the right afternoon to do so, it’s always fun! Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, hope you get some quality knit time!

    • Thank you so much, Monica, for your kind words and lovely comments!!! They really make my day 🙂 Wishing you and your family great holidays!!!

  12. So lovely. It has such clean and modern look to it but still has that cozy appeal. I can’t wait to see how YOTH photographs it. Congratulations on finishing it!

  13. So cool! I am looking forward to seeing the photos too!

  14. This yarn (and the entire cardigan actually) looks deliciously smooth! I really love the texture in it but especially those curved edges are stunning!

  15. The sweater looks amazing YOTH are lucky to have such a great sample.

  16. It is beautiful and looks so well made. I get the liking to the palm leaf too as I can see that straight away. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  17. How exciting! Can’t wait to see more of this beauty! I had the pleasure of meeting the YOTH team at a pop-up shop in Maryland a few summer ago. Wonderful people and gorgeous yarns.

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