Yarn Along and My Fall Raglan Modification Progress

Joining Knitting and Reading Yarn Along today. Always fascinating to see what is on the needles/crochet hooks and book shelves of crafters from all over the world!

top down raglan pullover

Reading. I seem to switch from fiction to non-fiction these days. After finishing “A Moveable Feast” for the second time, I started “The Universe in a Nutshell” by Stephen Hawking. Oh, physics, why didn’t I pay attention to you at school?!! You are fascinating! Thank you, Montessori, for waking me back to the search for knowledge. It’s a truly fascinating read that makes you look at the world around you with a completely new vision.

Knitting. I am afraid I am going to bore you soon with this project 🙂 But I love working on it so much that I want to share with you as much as possible. I am getting to the hem and after trying the recommended in pattern ribbing, I decided to switch to the moss stitch. As I am trying to make it into a reversible sweater, I am trying stitches that will look good on both sides, but slightly different. Moss stitch creates a great contrast with stockinette.

top down raglan pullover And it blurs in with reverse stockinette on the opposite side. You won’t be able to notice that I switched to another stitch pattern, but it gives me two advantages – the hem won’t roll up and be more stable.

top down raglan pullover

The yardage of yarn is really generous – I used only two skeins for the whole body and I am sure the last ball will be more than enough for both sleeves. Though I was in panic when I realized that I left the yarn on the porch for the whole sunny day. It seems like colors slightly faded. Well, if the color of sleeves will be significantly different from the body we can pretend that it was an interesting designer’s decision 🙂

top down raglan pullover

I hope you are enjoying your week, your projects and your reading!


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  1. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I love raglan sleeve sweaters they always fit well. Great idea about the hem too. Happy knitting,

  2. Physics is indeed fascinating as long as you don’t have to do any problem sets involving calculus. I do love Mr. Hawkings. Some people are just brilliant.

    • I guess that’s why physics didn’t really grow on me at school – all I can remember are formulas that didn’t make any sense to me 🙂

  3. Oh you freaking sunny days that mess with our yarns’ color!!!!! I can imagine the light stroke that hit you when you found your yarn! 😨😲😣

  4. I love how that yarn is knitting up and the colours are so cheerful! Smart thinking on making a moss stitch border.

  5. Not boring at all, I am loving following along the journey of your sweater.
    I laughed out loud when I read how much you are enjoying physics, good for you!

    • I drive my friends crazy when I start with – Did you know that…?!!! 🙂 So fascinating to get back to knowledge that you completely ignored before!

  6. I am inspired by your moss stitch hem. I am a by-the-pattern kind of girl, and I don’t usually think to adjust things! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! 🙂

  7. Oh, I loved A Movable Feast! And I love seeing this project, the colours in the yarn are so interesting, and I can see why you find it so compelling. Looking forward to the progress!

  8. I read The Universe in a Nutshell this year too, you can follow it with a Brief History of Time. High school and university are only the beginning, one can always expand one’s interests and knowledge, especially nowadays with all the books and internet available. And on the other note – I LOVE your sweater, it’ll be interesting to see which side you’ll prefer to wear, they both are turning interesting and beautiful in different ways.

    • Thank you, Carmela! Hawking is fascinating, isn’t he? I read “A Briefer History of Time” last year and was so inspired by this book! And you are so right, I feel like during these several years after my graduation I learned more than through my whole university. Self education is amazing – it doesn’t have any limits!

  9. You are such a smart knitter- love the hem idea. Knitting and reading always an awesome combo. Can’t wait to see the FO!

  10. you’ll have to leave the other portion out in the sun so they match?? seriously I bet no one notices and maybe with the wool wash soaking that might even out some minor differences. Beautiful yarn!! and project!

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