Happy Sunday!

The last weeks were quiet hectic and I just needed something to recharge and start fresh. The opportunity to get out of the system appeared in my favorite local farm-to-table restaurant in town – Via Organica. I love this place for the best vegetables in town, for supporting the local farmers and  for very reasonable prices on organic produce. The restaurant offered a tour to a organic dairy farm for a whole day and a visit to one of the biggest monoliths in the world.

“Flor de Alfalfa” is a local dairy farm, less than 2 hour drive from the city, which produces hormone/antibiotics free milk, natural yogurts, cheese, cream and sour cream. I thought it would be an interesting experience to see what they are doing, but the reality exceeded all my expectations. This is not a farm, this is a wonderland!!


Huge spaces covered in fresh grass, the cows walking freely on the fields surrounded by mountains, the smell of wildflowers and delicious fresh food. The company is providing the best care for the cows. The milking process is unbelievable – the cows walk into a spacious building where Mozart’s and Bach’s masterpieces are playing (cows just love them! Good taste!), after the milking is done, all the data goes straight to the vet computer and he checks if everything is alright and if the cows are healthy. The babies are just adorable – they are so friendly and will lick you to death 🙂


Well, this guy didn’t care at all 🙂 I can’t blame him -I would sleep there all day long as well.


After the tour our group had cheese tasting that was absolutely delicious! I have such a huge respect for the company, for all they do, for their care for environment and for their philosophy. It is definitely not easy to compete against huge conglomerates that have taken over the market. I will definitely support them as much as I can!

The wonderland didn’t end here – we drove 30 minutes more to visit Peña de Bernal, one of the biggest monoliths in the world – 433 m (1,421 ft). Recent chemical analysis showed that it formed around 8.7 million years ago.


People say that locals live here much longer than the average person in Mexico – up to 100 years. People get married at 90 here 🙂 Every spring there are hundreds of tourists coming to the monolith to hike and recharge. We didn’t have much time and made it only to Level 1.


We will definitely come back and go all the way up; but even from level 1 the view was breathtaking.


This is why I love unplanned unexpected road trips – you always end up finding something fascinating! This is exactly what I needed – to recharge and get inspired by nature. One quote from Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson comes to mind: “His [Einstein’s] inner security was tempered by the humility that comes from being awed by nature”.

Have a wonderful day!