Happy Wednesday!


Crochet. This weekend I stayed home to catch up on my craft projects. I am making an embarrassingly slow progress on Kram Cardi. My gauge is significantly different from the one in the pattern, as I am using a different weight yarn and a different hook size. So I spent most of the time adjusting numbers for it than actually making it. After making a 162 stitches chain and finishing a couple of rows it seems like it is way too big, so I am ripping back and starting all over again with a fewer number. I love the fabric these two colors create!


Knitting.Β As promised I’ll try to keep you updated on my Moeke yarn projectΒ progress. I spend most of my free time now winding these precious skeins into yarn balls. I think it is such a great way to know the yarn better!


The most important (at least for me) stage of the design process is swatching. Dozens of swatches with basic and fancy stitches, different needle sizes and tension. My bedroomΒ looks like something exploded here – scraps of yarn, yarn balls and countless small knit pieces of all kinds of geometrical shapes are covering my desk, table with the knitting machine (yes, I keep my knitting machine in the bedroom, my husband hates it πŸ™‚ ), night table and bed. Gosh, I love it!


I am experimenting with the basics first to see how the yarn behaves and to thoroughly enjoy every inch of this incredible fiber! What I found out so far, blocking makes a huge difference with Elena yarn – the fabric opens up and just blooms after a good soak!

Off to Yarn Along to see what you are working on!