Happy Wednesday!

I know some of you had a long weekend with their families – I hope you had fun!

This weekend I was rereading the interviews I did with all the amazing crafters – World Crafters. I asked all of them what their craft meant to them and what “gifts” they get from it. I love their honest and open answers and it is amazing how sometimes such simple little things as a handmade craft can change so much in your life!


As for me one of the greatest gifts I got from the craft is the desire to learn, not for work, not for school, not for university, but just for myself. Here are some random things I learned from knitting.

Things I Learned Because of Knitting

  1. Value my time. Before knitting I used to come home from the university/work, do something here and there and all of a sudden realize that it was already late, I have to go to bed to get enough sleep before the next day. Right now I am much more conscious about my time and organize it is much better, because I want to fit in as much creativity as I can into my daily life!
  2. Photography. I am definitely not a professional photographer and I have tons to learn, but because I really wanted to capture the texture, color and overall beauty of a handmade piece, of yarn or to visually share some knitting/crochet techniques, the words “exposure”/”shutter speed”/”aperture” mean at least something to me now and I am fascinated and eager to learn more and more!!! Before knitting I was absolutely indifferent to photography, but right now I have my favorite photographers whose work I admire and would love to learn more about this form of art.
  3. Being more open. Most of the time I am an introvert. Though I love working with people, my happiest place is being alone with nature or at home. I used to be very suspicious of social media platforms and only after I started knitting, I realized how much I wanted to meet new friends to share my passion with!
  4. Being more aware of slow fashion. During my university years I was slightly obsessed with Vogue, I loved this visual library of textiles and forms, but I never looked at them from the maker’s perspective. I am still fascinated by it, but right now I am more interested in the story behind a piece of garment. This is why I love so much Knitting Inspiration series – it is not just about fashion, but about people who put their heart and soul into their work!
  5. You can learn anything if you want to philosophy. I was brought up in the post Soviet Union society where the change of a life path or professional path was frowned upon. It was a common philosophy to believe that if you are bad at math at school, you are definitely a humanitarian and you should stay so for the rest of your life 🙂 I am so happy I shook this off and I feel so much more free and open minded.
  6. Being more fiber conscious. I am very careful now when choosing clothes in the store. I almost never wear synthetics right now and always try to opt for natural materials. I am also extremely interested in all the diversity of fiber out there, I love researching about their origin, properties and use!
  7. Mistakes are the lessons, not failures. Life is amazing, isn’t it? You learn such big things from such simple little things as a handcraft. But I got the philosophy of looking at mistakes in my life as something that I need to experience in order to learn something rather than a drawback, it may sound ridiculous, but this realization came to me through knitting and is spread in all areas of my life now.

I would love to ask you what did you learn from knitting (crochet, spinning, weaving, sewing, painting, embroidery…)?

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Have a wonderful day today!