Cotton yarn

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share with you my little obsession – the wall in the downtown. Yes, one wall. Every time I walk past this wall, I can’t help but think about my colorful cotton skeins I brought from Mexico City several months ago. I had no idea what to make with them, but as soon as I saw this wall I wanted a bright colorful sweater in these colors. It happens so rarely – usually I prefer neutral shades and very rarely inspired by colorful stripes. But here I am, and all of this is happening because of this wall:

Cotton yarn

Isn’t it precious?! Such a perfect shade of blue and the green is mixing in perfectly! So yesterday I decided it was time – I have to make something with this yarn! I haven’t worked on my knitting machine for two months already and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back to it. I got the green skeins out of the stash and started to look for blue ones. Two hours and a huge mess later I still couldn’t find the package with the blue yarn, just one lonely skein. How is it possible?! I didn’t take the yarn out of the house and didn’t use it yet (I even checked all my previous posts and Instagram images, just in case), the yarn is gone, gone, gone. And my wall obsession is still here….

Cotton yarn

Now I either have to forget about this sweater altogether and never ever pass the wall on my way or I have to hunt for this perfect shade of blue that mysteriously disappeared. Weird things are happening, really 🙂 Oh, and if I make this sweater, I know the perfect name for it. Can you guess? 🙂

Anyway, besides my wall obsession, I still have some other projects on my needles – The Choice Cardigan, sample #2 and some swatches with Heritage yarn that I am loving so much!! By the way, if you are interested in reading a little bit more about my behind-the-scenes design process of Journey sweater, you can find my mini-interview on Moeke Yarns’ blog here – Get to Know Alina.

Moeke Yarn

Do you have some weird inspiration sources in your projects?

I’ll see you at Yarn Along!