The Gift Of Knitting Ravelry Group

Hello dear friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Guess what?! I finally started my Ravelry group dedicated to The Gift Of Knitting Designs, where we can chat, discuss our knitting/crochet/machine knitting projects, share WIPs and FOs, help each other and just have fun!

Gift Of Knitting

I would LOVE to see you there – The Gift Of Knitting Ravelry Group! I am planning to host KALs/CALs, yarn-delicious giveaways and other fun fiber goodness. But for a start, let’s find out more about each other! Head over to Hello, I am… thread and, please, share something about yourself! I would love to know more about you!!

Thank you so much for joining!


  1. Perfect timing! I casted on for Journey Sweater today!

  2. What a great idea! I am not exactly ready to cast on another project at the moment, but your patterns are so lovely, that I can say with certainty there will be one in the future!!

  3. How exciting! Off to join right now!

  4. Ahh, what a great idea! Will join up now.

  5. Iris Frieman

    I’m mostly a knitter. I can do some crochet, but I prefer knitting. Been doing so for almost 60 years. Of course, I also worked, raised a family, & all the other things that create a full life… But knitting as well as reading some great books are the hobbies I love. Ive knitted blankets, sweaters, scarves, booties & socks. Ive kept lots if my pieces, but ended up giving away so many other things as gifts. Im always ready to learn a new skill, so love reading your emails for creative ideas. Iris Frieman

  6. I particularly love the texture you create in your designs Alina, which of course is also your innate ability to select just the perfect yarn to compliment the design. Looking forward to being part of your group and following along.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!! The project always starts with the yarn for me, I just can’t think of the design in an absolutely abstract way – it has to have a starting inspiration point and in 90% of cases, it is definitely yarn! Looking forward to seeing you in the group!

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