Ode to Heritage

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Getting to know yarn during the swatch process, taking photos of the beautiful skeins is the best way for me to get inspired not just in craft, but also in life in general. I’ve been so busy these last months feeling like I am doing it all, but not really finishing anything, that I just needed a quiet weekend morning with my camera, some flowers and yarn – it’s like a meditation for me. I hope you will also enjoy this little photostory and pick your needles today…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

I didn’t think that I would love any other Moeke yarn more than I love Elena, but when I started swatching with the new batch of Heritage yarn, my heart skipped a beat. What a fiber…

The new batch is slightly thinner and softer than the one I am using for my blanket and it creates such a wonderful fabric – with subtle neutral color variations, amazing drape and lightness. It will make perfect season-less garment – it will be light and soft enough to wear next to the skin for a summer evening; and it will also make a great layer piece for colder months.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Even winding the skeins doesn’t feel monotonous – I just love watching how the thread is slipping through my fingers and how colors form into a beautiful and unique pattern…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

The swatching is over and I am quiet happy with the idea that I came up with, usually I am very critical and it takes me weeks to get the result that I like, but this time it went pretty smoothly and just clicked. Hope to show you the result as soon as I can!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Looking forward to seeing your projects at Yarn Along today!


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