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Heritage Sweater Pattern. Desert Mood.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Happy Friday, dear friends! Today I am excited to share with you the latest pattern for my beloved Moeke Yarns. I would love to thank each of you for an amazing support here and on Instagram, thank you for all your sweet comments and reposts, you’ve definitely made my week!

The idea for these photos came to me while I was still working on the sweater – I’ve noticed how much it changed its look depending on the light! If in the Preview post you can see how the yarn basically absorbs the sunset light, turning into warm honey-like shade. And today I would love to demonstrate how it completely changes under desert dawn’s light, taking on cool neutral shades. Isn’t it amazing?! Such an alive fiber!

Textured Sweater Pattern

Heritage is a top-down sweater with the yoke shaped as the compound raglan, which creates a natural line running along the shoulder. I love this construction  – it always creates such a great shape, something between the classic raglan and set-in sleeve! For your convenience the yoke shaping is written out individually for each size in a concise manner that is easy to follow, in my opinion.

Textured Sweater Pattern

The main eye catching detail is a subtle texture contrast created by combining basic stitches – stockinette, slip stitches, 1×1 ribbing and basic travelling cable. This mix results in a simple casual knit with an interesting twist to keep you interested.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Heritage is a part of Moeke 2017 knitwear collection that will be released this Fall. And my mission in this collection is to create basic city pieces that can become a wardrobe’s staple. I hope Heritage with its clean geometric lines will become your very wearable sweater 🙂

Textured Sweater Pattern

To me Heritage sweater looks “architectural” in some way with its simple shape, construction and very basic finishing. I used my favorite neckline trim + applied I-cord for the neckline; i-cord bind-off for the hem and left the sleeve edges raw, allowing the natural curl of stockinette stitch.

Textured Sweater Pattern

It’s been a challenge and a pleasure to write this pattern and I hope to see it on your needles this spring – Heritage is light as a feather and would be perfect for cool summer nights.

Textured Sweater Pattern

General Pattern Information

B O D Y  S I Z E S:

  • XS 29 – 30″ (73.5 – 76 cm)
  • S 32″ (81 cm)
  • M 35″ (89 cm)
  • L 38″ (96.5 cm)
  • XL 41″ (104.0 cm)
  • XXL 43″ (109 cm)
  • 3XL 49″  (124.5 cm)

Shown in size Small with 2″ of ease.

F I N I S H E D   M E A S U R E M E N T S:

Chest/Bust at Underarm: 40 ¼ (41 ¼, 43 ¾, 45 ½, 49, 53 ½, 56 ¾)” [102 (104.7, 111, 115.5, 124.5, 136, 144) cm].

Length From The Underarm: 12 1/2 (13 1/4, 13 1/2, 14 1/2, 15 1/2, 15 1/2, 17 1/2)” 32 (33.5, 34.5, 37, 39.5, 39.5, 44.5) cm


20 sts x 30 rnds = 4″ [10 cm] in St stitch after blocking.


250 (250, 300, 300, 300, 350, 350) g of Moeke Yarns “Heritage”, 350 m/100 g sport weight yarn.

Please keep in mind that yardage is an estimate.


  • US size 2 ½ [3 mm] 31″ [80 cm] circular needle.
  • Optional – US size 2 ½ [3 mm] double-pointed needles (set of 4) for the sleeves. You can use US size 2 ½ [3 mm] 31″ [80 cm] circular needle to work the sleeves using the magic loop method.
  • Spare circular needle.


  • Stitch markers of different colors
  • Cable needle
  • Stitch holders or scrap yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Optional – crochet hook in size 2.5 mm

List of techniques used:

  • Slip stitches
  • Basic travelling cable
  • I-cord edge (link to a photo tutorial provided)

Thank you so much for entering giveaway and for your comments – I’ve read every single one of them! The randomly chosen winners of the pattern giveaway are Sarah Desatoff (Ravelry ID: sari27), Lindsay (Ravelry ID: knittinglindsay) and Mary (Ravelry ID: Mary8084). Congratulations! You will receive the copy of the pattern today! So looking forward to seeing it knit by you!!

Heritage Sweater Pattern is available for $7.00

Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot!


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Heritage Sweater Pattern. Preview and Giveaway

Textured Sweater Pattern

I am happy to say that Heritage sweater pattern will be published this Friday and I can finally share some preview shots with you. I hope you will enjoy them. Yarn was definitely my main inspiration – when I was swatching with Heritage skeins, I knew right away that I didn’t want to overcomplicate things, but knit something light, simple and with a nice drape.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

But as usual I couldn’t not indulge in a little bit of texture and mixed basic classic stitches – 1×1 ribbing is gradually growing from the sides towards the center of the sweater, divided from the main stockinette stitch body with basic travelling cable.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

The finishing is simple and straightforward – raw edges of the sleeves and more tailored hem and neckline.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

My favorite details are the compound raglan shaping, that creates a natural line, and the central subtle chain that “divides” the sweater in half.

Textured Sweater Pattern

And as always me and Ioana would love to organize a giveaway for you. Thank you so much for all your support!

Heritage Sweater Pattern 3 copies Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

WHERE: Here, The Gift Of Knitting blog.

TO ENTER Leave a comment under this post with your Ravelry ID or with the Ravelry ID of a friend to whom you would love to gift the copy of the pattern.

Three winners will be chosen randomly and announced here, on my blog on Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarn Kit + Heritage Sweater Pattern Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarns are offering you the chance to win Heritage yarn kit to make your Heritage sweater!

The yarn kit will include skeins of organic pure wool to make a sweater for your size and the pattern.

WHERE@giftofknitting Instagram.

TO ENTER If you follow me on Instagram (@giftofknitting), today you will see a post on my account with all the information how to enter the giveaway! Don’t miss it!!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, 28th of April.

You can enter both giveaways! If it happens so that you win both of them, you will receive the yarn kit and you can gift an extra copy of the pattern to your friend!

Both giveaways are open worldwide! Good luck!


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Heritage Test Knitting and Elusive Creative Genius


Happy Friday!

This week I listened to one of the old TED’s talks by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she touches upon ups and downs that anyone who lives a creative life goes through in one way or another. I listened to this monologue before, but I like to come back to it every time I feel like I need encouragement and reassurance to keep going in the creative part of my life. In this wonderful and touching speech that I really recommend listening to if you haven’t already, Elizabeth talks about her own creative process and so-called “elusive creative genius” that might be responsible for our creative endeavors. I think it is such a refreshing and inspiring speech that can be applied to any aspect of our lives whenever you feel stuck and need a good push to just keep swimming! It is a great way to start a weekend 🙂

As for my own creativity progress this week, I am happy to say that my wonderful test knitters, Ioana and Sandra, are 90% done with their Heritage sweaters and it means that it will be published very soon!! It will be my first contribution to Moeke 2017, I am really grateful for all the amazing comments I received about it and I hope you will like it once it is 100% done. Three more patterns I am working on (oh, I will definitely need my Elusive Creative Genius to show up for his part of a job!!) will be published in August/September as a part of MY Make Along 2017.

Heritage Sweater Pattern. Moeke Yarns.

I hope you had a great week and excited for the weekend! See you on Monday!


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Pattern Writing Dilemmas

Textured Sweater Pattern

As I you already know, I am working on several patterns for Moeke 2017 knit collection that will be live in September. The first sweater knit in light Heritage yarn is almost ready, there is some ripping out/reknitting has to be done, but overall it’s done! The testing will start this week, you can follow the testing progress on Ioana’s and Sandra’s Instagram accounts.

I have love/hate relationships with actual pattern writing – I do enjoy the logic challenge, it’s like solving a puzzle, but grading… I think it is important to have as many sizes as possible available, so any knitter can make it for herself, but the grading part can become tricky at some point, especially if there is an unusual stitch placement involved. I am old-fashioned, I guess, and I like to use physical pen and paper before organizing everything into a systematic way on the computer. The funny thing is that when I come back to these scribbles after the pattern is done I can’t decipher it myself, but somehow during the actual process I manage to navigate in all these hectic notes.

Textured Sweater Pattern

The hardest part is to actually keep going and don’t get distracted by new projects and ideas, before the first one is done. At least this is how it works for me – I have to get done with one thing 100% before I allow myself to move to something different. I feel like it makes me stay more focused and not spread myself too thin. But just look at this lovely merino for my next project – how can you NOT get distracted?! Staying strong here 🙂 Only random swatching is allowed!

Textured Sweater Pattern

I am really looking forward to sharing with you all the projects I’ve finished over the last two months – I’ve never knitted so much in such a short period of time. But meanwhile, it is all about Heritage sweater and this absolutely gorgeous yarn…

Textured Sweater Pattern

That’s it for my weekly knitting update! What are you working on? Join Yarn Along to share your projects and reads! I am still reading “Catch-22″ and some non-fiction.

Have a great day!

And happy Women’s International Day!


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Interior Knitting

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

I happen to have one guilty pleasure – I love visiting interior blogs and browse beautiful images of way too perfect homes. Being quiet inadequate in home decor, I only hope that when the day comes to call one place a home, I’ll be able to use all the wonderful ideas that I bookmark. I admire how people can come up with absolutely beautiful, simple and very affordable ideas how to make your home cozy and inviting. The more I research, the more I am drawn to Scandinavian interior style; everything appeals to me – the abundance of light, neutral subtle colors, wood, textiles, messy beds, simple shapes. My favorite space to visit is My Scandinavian Home, just browse its Swedish home tag and you’ll see what I am talking about – absolutely dreamy spaces that you will never want to leave.

Recently this little space featured in The Design Chaser has won my heart.

Interior Knitting Inspiration

I am definitely drawn to wood and textiles in interior, though this photo might be too literal interpretation of it, but it demonstrates perfectly that with very simple things we can create a very welcoming and homey space that will make us happy every day.

Though I still don’t have the perfect wooden bed, I can definitely play with textiles. I still have some skeins of Heritage from the old batch by Moeke in my stash, so I decided why not to start with small steps and gradually add things that I love into my surroundings.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

We just rented a new place and the bed still doesn’t have the proper cover. But I have the wool in beautiful heather shade and my knitting machine, so my plan is to make a bed cover as big as the yardage allows. I won’t be able to make it in one piece, as the machine knitting bed is not wide enough, but this little inconvenience can be turned into a big advantage – I could make 2 or maybe even 4 separate pieces and seam them together with the crochet, using single or double crochet stitch on the right side to create a nice ridge for a touch of texture.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Heritage looks so lovely on the purl side – all the slight color variations and little numbs and bumps of the uneven thread produce such a beautiful effect. Plus it is very warm and I can use it as an extra blanket during chilly nights and mornings.

What I also love about this project that it will be quiet mindless with not too much planning involved and a very easy process. Perfect on-the-side knit that I can work on when I want to recharge and clear my head. I hope I will make it at least for spring when the winds come…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Have a beautiful day! See you at Yarn Along today!


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