Embracing Color


We are almost half way through March (how did it happen?!) and I am finally free to show the contents of my January and February surprise yarn boxes! KnitCrate is such an out-of-the-comfort-zone-pusher for me – usually in the yarn store, I go straight to the shelf with neutrals and probably wouldn’t even consider most of the shades, but opening January and February boxes, I was “splashed” with colors! I am also super excited about February’s extra – lavender bath bomb by Etsy artisan Petting My Unicorn (I think the name is genius 🙂 ). Such a sweet and thoughtful item to add to the package…


February Standard and Socks Box

I love how one small skein can sparkle the ideas. One of January’s skeins (far on the right) is a hand dyed worsted merino by ModeKnit Yarn. As soon as I saw it, I remembered that I have hand dyed lace weight skeins by Knit Picks in my stash that I wanted to mix in one of my projects, just like I did for the Gallery sweater – holding two strands of lace yarn together. I really loved the effect it created in Gallery and wanted to recreate something similar, but more playful and colorful. Though I wasn’t sure if the yardage was enough, that’s why i put it aside for awhile; but with this new worsted weight skein, I definitely have enough for a sweater! First I want to swatch on the knitting machine and experiment with different stripe sequence. Yay, super excited!


“Shadow” by Knit Picks and ModeWerk Worsted by ModeKnit Yarn

February colors by Mrs. Crosby loves to play remind me of my Wall sweater… I am definitely going to use them together. I have an idea, but will have to check if the yardage will be enough. I wouldn’t add anything to this color combination – it is perfect as it is!


As spring is definitely here, I am ready to dive more into colorful and playful shades in my knitting. It is always nice to change things a little bit once in awhile… Thank you, KnitCrate for an inspiration! If you ever decide to sign up for it or sign up your friend as a gift, make sure to use my special discount code GOK20 for 20% off your first package.


I hope you are welcoming spring in your part of the world!

Have a wonderful day! Make sure to check Yarn Along for knitting and reading ideas!


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