Alina Cardigan Pattern

Textured cardigan pattern. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH yarns

Alina cardigan designed for YOTH yarns is live! I would like to thank you for all amazing words you’ve sent, I am so touched by your support and happy you like the pattern. I would also love to thank YOTH yarns for this collaboration. It was a true joy to knit with Father, this yarn is so easy to work with and it gives this perfect crisp stitch definition that makes the cables really stand out. I am also quiet in love with how YOTH team styled the cardigan for this beautiful photoshoot that I am happy to share with you here.

Alina is a top down seamless cardigan featuring the compound raglan shaping for a better fit around the shoulders. The beginning of a cardigan is just a breeze – good old stockinette stitch in worsted weight yarn – you’ll be done with yoke pretty fast. And then the fun part begins – cable sections placed in staircase order gradually meet in the center of the back. The same sequence in featured in the front.

Textured cardigan pattern. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH yarns

The cable is mirrored on the sleeves, starting slightly lower than the elbow level and finishing with the i-cord trim for a clean look.

Textured cardigan pattern. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH yarns

Textured cardigan pattern. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH yarns

After you are done with the body, the stitches are picked up for a simple 1×1 rib shawl collar shaped with short rows to create generous volume around the neck. The hem and the side bands meet in slightly rounded corners. The edge is also trimmed with the i-cord.

Top down construction allows you to control the length completely to your taste – the pattern gives tips on how you can adjust the length without losing the pattern flow.

Textured cardigan pattern. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH yarns


A big THANK YOU to all our amazing test knitters and technical editor who helped to bring this project to life! You can find Alina Cardigan in YOTH’s Ravelry store and also enter yarn giveaway they are running on their Instagram page. You can win a bag of Father to make your cardigan!

Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you so much for your support!


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Alina Cardigan

Textured Cardigan. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH Yarns.

Some projects take a little bit more time to come to life than usual. The journey of this cardigan started in Fall, 2016 – I received amazing Father, 100% Domestic Rambouillet yarn, from YOTH yarns to experiment with. The cardigan flew to Texas in several months and then we had to wait for the yarn restock and all these little things that come along, but finally the test knitting is getting to the end and you will be able to cast on this design very soon.

Textured Cardigan. The Gift Of Knitting for YOTH Yarns.

Veronika, the owner of YOTH, named the design after me and I feel so honored to be a part of this amazing yarn company in some way! Also I am amazed by beautiful test knitters’ projects that you can check right now, following #alinacardigan hashtag on Instagram. The release date is very close and you will be able to get the yarn kits and the pattern directly from YOTH yarns.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


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Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2017/18.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Sweater and cardigan by Laura Biagiotti

Designers at Milan fashion week didn’t disappoint – I’ve found 100+ knitwear pieces! All of them different and interesting in their own way. It was hard to choose the pieces for this review, I tried to group them and filter out the tendencies that seem to prevail.

Cropped sweaters. Cropped shapes with bell sleeves and very tight ribbing at the waist appeared in many collections in different interpretations – classic and elaborate stitches, bright and neutral colors, textured and plain fabric. They look quiet dramatic and remind me of 80’s  in some way.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Aquilano Rimondi, Les Copains, Fay

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Philosophy di Lorenzo and Elisabetta Franchi

Back to Black. Though knitting with black yarn isn’t that fun, the result is definitely worth it – it will probably become the most versatile and wearable sweater in your wardrobe. Seems like oversize sweaters are still ruling the knitwear world and it is easy to understand – they are so comfy and cozy to snuggle in!

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Les Copains and Krizia

Color was presented in all forms and shapes – stripes, intarsia, graphics, patchwork…

Missoni, known for its amazing work with color (just remember their famous chevron colorful patterns!), presented a knitwear collection that is bursting with color! There are dozens of knitwear pieces – sweaters, skirts, dresses, pants. If you are interested to see all of them, you can find the photo report here.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017


Stripes never get old. I absolutely loved how Les Copains added contrasting color blocks to classic navy/white stripes. Alberta Ferretti makes the stripes gradually grow wider that creates unusual visual effect.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Les Copains and Alberta Ferretti

Graphics. Rhombus shapes by Versace are achieved by intarsia and sparkly embellishment over the finished sweater. Philosophy di Lorenzo created a beautiful blue/black contrasting piece – I never thought that I would like such a sharp color contrast in knit garment, but this one looks pretty harmonious.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Versace and Philosophy di Lorenzo

Intarsia. Designers are “drawing” with knit stitches all kinds of shapes and pictures! One angle intarsia looks so beautiful, but will be so hard to achieve – the body and the sleeve have to be perfectly aligned.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Krizia and Tods

Next three intarsia pieces are absolutely exquisite! The first grey sweater with the beautiful motifs on the folded collar is just stunning! The beach scene intarsia is a a piece of art to me – it is so hard to “translate” a picture into knit stitches. I would wear the last sweater every single day – I loved how fuzzy yarn created the blurred affect, looks like  beautiful oil painting…

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Stella Jean, N21 and Alberta Ferretti

Messy Intarsia. When you don’t feel like weaving in ends… 🙂

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Cristiano Burani and Laura Biagiotti

Embellishments. More and more designers mix embroidery with different materials on the knit fabric to add extra texture and sparkle.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Laura Biagiotti and Prada

Neutral Basics. My favorite trend 🙂 Classic, cozy, timeless pieces – knitwear at its best!

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Laura Biagiotti

Basics with the twist. Traditional stitches, neutral conservative colors and unusual cut. The poncho-sweater is such a great alternative to a heavy coat.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Jil Sander and Les Copains

That’s it for Milan’s knitwear review. So far it’s been my favorite collection of knits, we’ll see what Paris has to show next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

P.S. All photos are courtesy of


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2016, Thank You!

Reindeer From The Woods cardigan; La Flor sweater pattern; Gallery sweater; Ocean dress; Green Snowflakes cowl; Bamboo Drape sweater; Sand sweater; Gesture sweater; Journey sweater pattern; The Choice cardigan pattern; Wall sweater; YOTH cardigan pattern.

2016… A year of challenge and hard work; great fears and doubts; endless hope, love and gratitude. My cozy little blog that I love so much is like a notebook filled with memories… I look at each finished project and can distinctively remember how and why I started it, what inspired me; I remember the joy of wearing the finished knit piece for the first time and excitement of sharing it with you; I remember the movies watched, songs played, road trips taken while working on each of them! Definitely better than a photo album!

Crafty Score of 2016 – 14 FOs (10 sweaters, 2 cowls, 1 dress, 1 shawl); 7 photo tutorials; 3 patterns.

I guess I could make more, but it’s not about numbers, right? 🙂 I wanted to thank you for your support this year. It means so much to me – this place got me through some rough days and I am beyond grateful for it. I also hope that you’ve found something useful and inspiring here!

I have way too many plans for 2017 and I hope I’ll have enough time to bring them to life and to share with you. One of the first things I’ll do in the new year is to update the website. I want to start 2017 new and fresh!

I wish you happy and peaceful holidays! Sending you and your families lots of love!

I’ll see you in 2017! ♥

Joining the last Yarn Along of the year! It’s been amazing to see so many wonderful projects throughout the year!


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YOTH Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

This week one more cardigan flew off my needles – the project for YOTH yarns that I started this Fall is over and I am a little bit sad to let it go… It was a pure joy to work with Father in Hazelnut, this yarn has such an amazing stitch definition and it knits like butter!

YOTH cardigan is a top down cardigan with the yoke shaped as a compound raglan to ensure the perfect fit. It’s “framed” with a classic 1×1 rib neckband with a collar shaped with the help of short rows. The border is finished with an i-cord bind off.

Textured Cardigan

It has a very “clean” and refined look, just like YOTH yarns company whose aesthetics I tried to reflect in this knitwear piece. And, of course, I couldn’t not add some texture to it. I played around with the stitch that has been one my “to-knit” list forever, changed it a little bit and was very happy with the result. It reminds me, for some reason, of the palm leaf…

Textured Cardigan

I also love the wrong side of the cardigan – it has a completely different look, but also creates a very interesting texture effect! What I am also really pleased with is that this stitch is very stretchy, which will ensure that the body of the cardigan fits you perfectly even if your gauge was a little bit off.

Textured Cardigan

Father is very quick to knit with! I would definitely recommend it to beginners as it’s very easy to create neat and crisp stitches in this yarn.

Textured Cardigan

One more little detail that I love so much is a slightly curved edges of the border that create beautiful smooth lines.

Textured Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

The cardigan will fly to YOTH yarns soon, and though I am a little bit sad to let it go, I am really excited to see how YOTH team will style it – so looking forward to their photoshoot! I am sure they will do a great job, I really love how they present their yarns and knitwear. The pattern will be available through YOTH Ravelry store in winter 2017. You can follow YOTH yarns on Instagram @yarnonthehouse to keep up with all the updates.

Textured Cardigan

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

See you at Yarn Along!


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The Gift Of Knitting Designs Anniversary + Sale Coupon Code

Happy Wednesday, dear friends! I wasn’t feeling 100% the last days, hence the blog silence… But I have something amazing to celebrate this week – it’s been one year since I published my first pattern! I can hardly believe it. Reindeer went live December, 13th, and it will always be a special day for me. A pattern for me is more than just a set of instructions, but a way to communicate my great love for the craft and for the fiber community that has been nothing but supporting, friendly and inspiring for so many years.

Today I would love to thank you from all my heart for your constant support and encouragement, without it I’d be afraid to put my ideas and stitches into words. Seeing your projects, reading your comments and emails makes me really really grateful.

Each of the sweaters I designed throughout the year has a special place in my heart. They are all so different, but each of them, hopefully, shows the beauty of a knit stitch, its infinite possibilities, the texture and drape of the knit fabric and the coziness of knitwear.

Cable Cardigan Pattern

Reindeer. Cable Cardigan Pattern.

Reindeer was born in my head in summer 2015. I always loved experimenting and rarely took notes of my knitting adventures. But for some reason this time I stopped and took careful notes of every single thing that was happening on my needles. It wasn’t as fun as just knitting, but seeing a piece of knitwear taking shape not only on the needles, but also on the piece of paper made me so happy!

Reindeer is a simple cardigan with beautiful cable panel running on the back and textured bands framing the whole piece.

La Flor. Textured Sweater Pattern.

I must say it is one of the most wearable pieces in my wardrobe. I always wanted to have a very basic sweater covered in speckles of texture.

I wanted to write a pattern that would be perfect for TV knitting, but will still keep you interested. It’s very simple to knit and to wear. I want to make another version for myself, in a different fiber. Maybe baby alpaca, that would create such a beautiful drape!

Textured Sweater Pattern


Cable Sweater Pattern

Journey. Cable Sweater Pattern.

My dear Journey… I can’t express how grateful I am for “meeting” Ioana from Moeke Yarns one day and starting this little adventure together.

I love this sweater. Its texture, the shape, the color,the yarn – everything about it! I am also incredibly happy and grateful watching your projects flying off your needles in such a short time!

The Choice. 2-in-1 Cardigan Pattern.

The Choice was a labor of love! It was the most challenging pattern to write, but at the end it turned out the most detailed and thorough set of instructions I have ever written. I really wanted to basically take your hand and walk you through every single step of the process in and show you that any knitwear piece can be recreated without any difficulty when following a step-by-step very detailed pattern.

The Choice is so much fun to knit and it’s amazing to wear. I am really happy with the way it fits, drapes and holds its structure. So looking forward to your versions!

The Choice. Cable Cardigan Pattern.

And to celebrate one year anniversary I am running 20% sale on all the patterns in my Ravelry store until Friday, December, 16th, the end of the day, with the coupon code REINDEER. Please, enjoy!

Thank you for your support! It means a lot!


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