Textured sweater knitting pattern. The Gift Of Knitting

Lately I’ve been thinking that I would love to share more of the process of creating my knitwear pieces, because at the end of the day knitting is not just a pretty finished object, but all this beautiful WIP mess in between that we love so much. I do share of course some parts of it here, but not enough and for those I usually grab my Canon and try to take beautiful photos, but recently I started just grabbing my phone, which is easy and snap one or two photos of the process, without trying too hard – the swatching mess, first cast on, ripping off, starting all over again…

So I thought I would love to keep those memories here and create Sweater Diaries that I can come back to and look at and remember those moments of inspiration that ended up as a wearable piece and a PDF file that walks you through each step of the way. I hope you will also find them inspiring in some way.

My first sweater diary is for Polar Bear – here you will see those moments when I first got the idea to mix very different fibers in one project; first cast on, that I believe was ripped off later and started all over again; ripping off old ideas that didn’t end up as knitwear, but came in handy for this project…

Textured sweater knitting pattern. The Gift Of Knitting

I hope you are going to have a wonderful Sunday!