Basic white sweater that can be effortlessly thrown on with jeans was on my must-knit list for ages, since I learned how to cast on. But I was always distracted and tempted  by complicated and challenging patterns. But finally I got to it on my knitting machine.

Knitting blog knitting machine

This sweater has been in WIPs for a long time. I started it in summer and finished it in October. It’s a paradox, but my machine knitting projects take me more time to finish than hand knitting. Maybe because I always do my own numbers for machine knitting, so a preparation takes much more time. Plus I don’t do machine knitting as much as hand knitting.

The sweater is a standard drop shoulder boatneck pullover with a slightly shaped waist and rolled up sleeves.



Reverse stockinette stitch.



The ribbing for the hem and sleeves was done by hand and then put on a knitting machine. The rib pattern is called “seed knit rib“. I’ve seen it in Nicky Epstein’s book “Knitting on the Edge” a long time ago. It’s a perfect ribbing if you don’t want your sweater to be pulled too much at the hem and sleeve cuffs.  




Knitting blog knitting machine

Pieces were put together by crochet slip stitch.

Knitting blog knitting machine

The sweater is made of soft 100% cotton yarn. I love the feel of it on my skin – so soft, cozy and light, but warm enough for cool mornings and nights.





I am so happy that I actually made it after planning it for 4 years!