Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

The end of a very productive month… I feel like September not just flew by, but never even happened… I keep wondering at the new world around me noticing things that are abundant and became quiet boring to those who live here, but look magical to me.

knitting San Miguel de Allende

September Knitting Notes

I am pretty modest this month with just two WIPs going on, both of them are so close to FOs – Flax and Soft and Grey. Which means soon I will get back to my stash, take out something precious and be all excited about a new project – never ending cycle 🙂 I hope it will never stop!

hand knit sweaters

September’s World Crafter

If you missed Nicole’s story, go ahead and check her amazing crochet and knitting pieces that are made with love and for the great cause – World Crafter. Nicole. Salem, USA.

crochet pillow

Technique of the month

Are you up for some heavy duty technical article? 🙂 If you love modifications, these two articles are a must-read – First Amendments: altering length in a knitting pattern – Part I, Part II

how to change sleeve length in pattern

First Amendments: altering length in a knitting pattern. Photo:

Jenna Wilson breaks down the modification process in clear and logical steps. Even if you don’t do any modifications to the patterns, it’s still worth reading to be more aware of the construction and logic behind a knitted piece.

I hope you had a lovely September!

October, welcome!