Rowan Yarn

I am back. I took a week off from blogging to finish everything at work before my winter vacations. I am officially off work for 18 days!!! I love my job, but gosh it feels good to devote more time to family, home and crafting! So I am super excited and can’t wait to cast on something new! Usually I am very strict and restrain myself from working on more than 3 projects at the same time. Maybe I have to relax, just for vacation time. Especially now when I have something new and delicious in my stash.

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn

I have been knitting and crocheting non-stop for almost five years now. But this is the first time I bought Rowan yarn. I fell in love with it without even seeing it  long time ago.

I am certainly NOT disappointed. Savannah. 100% cotton of rich chocolate color with silk threading – can a girl ask for more?

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn

As usual I have no idea what I want to make out of it. So just randomly knitting with good old stockinette stitch… I love this uneven texture.

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn


I hope you are enjoying this pre-holiday rush. See you soon!

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