Rain Sweater. WAK Pima Cotton. FO Details

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! If you remember this summer I published one more visual yarn story with Pima cotton yarn by We Are Knitters. At that time I was so busy with my day job, life in general and finishing the patterns for Vintage collection that I was craving for some unplanned, unpredictable and easy going knit. I “blindly” cast on and dived into this experiment on-the-go.A couple of months later this sweater came off my needles.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Project Details


Not that much planning was involved in this sweater. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to use elongated slip stitches – I just loved the smooth stockinette stitch fabric created by Pima cotton yarn and I felt like the slip stitches will create these “drops” of texture that will stand out, but not interrupt the simple background stitch. And as I was a couple of rounds in the neckline, I had another idea – what if to turn the dropped stitches into travelling across the sweater pattern. As soon as I tried it, I loved it and the rest is history πŸ™‚

The name for the sweater – Rain – came in the middle of the project. In my eyes the diagonal lines of the elongated dropped stitches looked like drops of rain running along the window on a gloomy day.


We Are Knitters Textured Sweater


Pima cotton by We Are Knitters. When WAK asked me to review one of their summer yarns, I knew pima cotton will be the perfect choice! This definitely my favorite type of cotton to work with – it;s amazing how soft and smooth it is and what beautiful fabric it creates – light, with crisp stitch definition and great drape! The other thing I wanted to point out is that the yardage for this yarn balls is so so so generous – I used just 3 (!!!) skeins for the whole sweater! I definitely have more that enough left for at least one more project!

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Design DetailsΒ 

As this sweater was planned as a zen knitting project, I kept things very simple.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Minimal neckline shaping that looks something between round neck or boat neckline, top down raglan construction with longer armholes for a relaxed fit, minimal shaping in the body and classic i-cord finishing.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

My favorite detail of this sweater is sleeves – the elongated travelling drop stitch pattern used for the central panel in the main body mirrored in on the sleeves, running from the elbow all the way down to the cuff. I think it not only creates an interesting design detail, but also makes it so much more fun to knit the sleeves – you will be addicted to see how the “rain drops” are being painted by your needles.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Thank you, We Are Knitters, for this fun collaboration! I really hope I’ve managed to show the beauty of this fiber in this sweater.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Test Knitting

If you like the sweater, please, let me know if you’d like to see it turned into the pattern and if you are interested in test knitting it. I will use my notes that I’ve made along the way and will finish the first draft of the pattern for Monday, October 2nd. Test knitting basically involves knitting the piece, sending me your notes/suggestions along the way and taking photos of the progress and the final piece and creating the Ravelry project page with all the notes and photos. You can also post about it on your Instagram account and the blog, if you have one. The deadline for finishing the sweater (including your photos of the finished piece and your notes) will be for Monday, November 13th (6 weeks from October 2nd). If you think, you can make it, please, send me an email at alina@giftofknitting.com or Ravelry message. Thank you so much!

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Have a wonderful Sunday!


We Are Knitters Pima Cotton
We Are Knitters – Pima Cotton
We Are Knitters. Pima Cotton Sweater.
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  1. Muy asomobroso! Love this one. Very you and your talent shines through, as always. It’s a good color, too.

  2. It’s beautiful! I love that rain drop stitch pattern.

  3. What a beautiful piece of knitting! <3

  4. So gorgeous, I love how it looks with the travelling slipped stitches- beautiful!

  5. Alina, This new sweater is gorgeous. You know I love texture and you certainly brought it out of the cotton. If I had time for a test knit right now, this would be the one! Perhaps I can catch up with this pattern over the spring/summer once our university schedule has calmed down. Best of luck with the write up–I’m looking forward to it! Truly beautiful!

    • Thank you so much, dear Melissa! I am so glad you like it!!! Would be happy to see it recreated by you, you are such an amazing sweater knitter!

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