Pom Pom Socklets

FO – Pom Pom

Well, I guess I am a sock knitter now 🙂 Finished my first pair and though they aren’t perfectly perfect, I love these socks – super soft, playful, made of cotton, ideal for summer. Thank you, my fellow knitters, for converting me :).

Project Details

[box style=”rounded”]Pattern[/box]

Pom Pom Socklets by Purl Soho is one of the cutest socks patterns I have ever seen. Perfect for beginners with very clear instructions and photos for the visual help. Though it was my first sock project, I didn’t have any trouble following the instructions once. Definitely recommend it!

Pom Pom Socklets

[box style=”rounded”]Yarn[/box]

SilverSpun by Feel Good Yarn Company from December KnitCrate surprise box is a blend of combed cotton, nylon, spandex and silver. It is very soft, sleek and stretchy – I loved working every single stitch with it. The only thing that I wasn’t happy about is how the red color left spots on the white background – you can see a few smudges. I am always careful when washing the pieces made in more than one color, because you never know how it will behave. Though I put the socks in the cold water and left them for literally 30 seconds, red still washed slightly out and left the spots.

Pom Pom Socklets

[box style=”rounded”]Modifications[/box]

The initial idea was to knit the socks in silver color and add the contrasting pom pom. But, as I mentioned in my WIP post, I decided to rip out the sock when I noticed that there might be not enough silver yarn. I read through the pattern a couple of times, carefully looked through the photos to get the idea of the construction, because you can’t really make modifications to the pattern if you have no idea about the logic behind it; it seemed pretty straightforward so I just switched to the red color as soon as I started the heel. As I reached the toe, I put one sock aside and started the second one and knit it to the same spot to find out if I have enough yarn for both toes. I didn’t, so I switched to red color again for the toe. That’s a great way to save you from all the consequences of yarn chicken game and trouble of ripping out.

Another modification I’ve made is the number of stitches picked for the gusset. Just like I mentioned in my Raglan Armhole tutorial, sometimes the recommended amount of stitches isn’t enough to close all the holes. I picked 2 extra stitches on each corner and decreased them on the very next round coming to the recommended number, but avoiding all the trouble of closing the holes.

Pom Pom Socklets

[box style=”rounded”]Design Details[/box]

The main detail that attracted me to this pattern is the pom pom. Super adorable and playful. I’ve made them with the simple fork, but I am definitely putting the real pom pom maker on my must buy list. I loved the Pom Pom Maker review by Julie from Knitted Bliss and I know that I need it in my life 🙂

Pom Pom Socklets

[box style=”rounded”]Helpful Notes[/box]

So, to sum everything up, here are some notes that you might find helpful:

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  • If you are an absolute beginner and have no idea how to manage double pointed needles, especially if the set-up rounds seem way too tricky to you, check this tutorial Casting On With Double Pointed Needles. It’s definitely worth to try and learn a new skill.
  • Be careful with knitting two colored socks, make sure to check how the colors work on the swatch to avoid any disappointments later.
  • If you don’t have a pom pom maker, check this very helpful video tutorial how to make pom poms using just a regular fork! It took me a couple of attempts, but at the end they turned out fine. Just make sure to use very sharp scissors!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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