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New Yarn

During my trip to my hometown I decided to treat myself with this gorgeous Italian blend of cotton and linen. I couldn’t decide between two neutral shades, so I thought there is never too much yarn (well, my collection of about 100 of skeins back home doesn’t count, as it’s on the other side of the ocean, right?). Anyway, I got both colors.


The yarn is loosely spun which makes it so squashy and light. Such a pleasure to knit with.


Lovely yarn and loose garter stitch. Perfect combination for me.



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Little Gifts for Great Friends

I was looking for something special and unique to bring for my favorite girls when I met a very interesting man who is making his own jewelry pieces. Several months a year he takes time to travel around Mexico to see new places, meet new people and find beautiful stones. Then he comes back home, sits down and stone by stone creates his art.

One of my friends is obsessed with earrings, so these two sets were meant for her – she has blue eyes and reddish hair.




My other friend is the one who you call the “autumn person”. So, these colors will definitely suit her. She likes to spice up her classic style with unusual jewelry. I fell in love with this piece




I like this green color so much.??????????????????????????????? Well, it was supposed to end here, but I couldn’t resist getting one for myself. And I haven’t regretted it – I don’t take it off at all.???????????????????????????????


I like how simple it is


Buying handmade things always makes me happy. They are personal, unique and preserve time and love for the craft in themselves.

Cable Knitted Scarf
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Gift #2

I am in love with cables. Give me any pattern with cables, I’ll knit it. There’s something about the fact how the simple movements of transferring stitches from one side to another create a piece truly remarkable and unique. That’s why the project for my other Grandma HAD to be covered by cables.


Cable Knitted ScarfI was looking for the cable scarf pattern for several weeks. I wanted to create something gorgeous, but at the same time functional, that would keep my Granny warm during long Russian winters.

I found this project on Ravelry and when I read the headline – I wanted to do something special for a special “nonna” (Italian word for “Granny”) – I thought, well, it’s meant to be knit.

I used the same local yarn, but in a different shade and with 3 strands. The fabric turned out soft, with a great stitch definition and with a slight lustre. This color is so lovely. It will be perfect for my Granny’s brown eyes.

Cable Knitted Scarf

Thank you, Marina Orry, for the pattern.

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Gift #1

I was planning to visit my family, so I decided there is no better way to show how much I care, but with handmade gifts.

There is a gift #1 for one of my grandmothers. I wanted to create something special, something I would enjoy making and something that will be functional as well.

The first project was the shawl by Lynette Meek from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2013. It’s an absolute stunner! It was not the easiest project, but the final result is worth it.

Knit shawl


For this project I’ve chosen my favorite local yarn – 100% natural softest cotton in neutral shade. The original is knit in deep red color, but I wanted something more subtle. This color, named AVELLANA (hazelnut in Spanish), changes from warm beige, almost yellowish to “cold” beige depending on light.



I am in love with this lace pattern

Knit Lace Pattern

Knit Lace Pattern


The name of the yarn is Trigo which means wheat in Spanish.

Knit Shawl


Thank you, Vogue Knitting, for an amazing pattern. It was a joy to make.

Vogue Knitting


Oh, by the way, have I mentioned it was my FIRST knitted lace shawl? Being addicted to sweaters and dresses, I’ve never actually got to shawl knitting. Well, thank you, Grandma, again for challenging me to try something new.

Knitting Shawl

Thank You

Knit Shawl


I would like to start my blog with the Thank you post to amazing, loving and hard working women, whose unconditional love and support helped me to become who I am today. My dear Grannies.

To live an ocean apart with dear and loved ones is not easy. You cannot share these special simple moments of everyday life. You cannot drop by and have a homemade meal. You cannot be by the side when they need you.

But what I can do is handknits. Stitch by stitch, day by day, I am making something special that will keep the hours I spent thinking about them, the warmth of my hands and an absolute joy of knitting, the gift, given to me by my Granny.