white crochet dress
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First crochet dress #tbt

I learned to crochet when I was 9. At that time I made a countless amount of rugs, table covers, doll blankets and so on. Then I stopped. I didn’t pick up a crochet hook for 6-7 years. But after I graduated from the university, the urge to make something useful with my hands came back to me. A lot of changes happened at that time. One of them was our move to Mexico 2 years ago.

New country, new language, new life. The first thing I set myself to was crochet. I had the clear idea in my head – I want the white crochet dress. Three weeks later I put it on.

white crochet dress
First Crochet Dress


No patterns, no books, no numbers. I just let my crochet hook flow on its own. The design was being created absolutely spontaneously. The decision to insert the lace pattern on the back and on the neckline came out of nowhere, the shaping seemed to take its own course, without my supervision.

white crochet dress


The result? It’s one of my most favorite dresses of all time. It fits me like my second skin.

My first crochet garment. It will always be dear to my heart. It’s raveled here.


white crochet dress


knitting crochet
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Hello!! This is me! I love to knit and crochet!

Knitting and Crochet

As you know, my name is Alina, but a lot of people call me Alinenok, which literally means “little deer” in Russian. My cute alter ego was bought in one of the souvenir stores in Yaroslavl.




When I was planning my trip to my motherland, I decided to travel a little bit around the old Russian towns. Yaroslavl is more than 1000 years old. This place is called Strelka, where the city was initially founded.

Travel and Knitting

The buildings are really lovely. There are numerous churches scattered around the town.

Travel and Knitting

Travel and knitting


Travel and Knitting

Gosh, I missed it! This is Varenyky, which is a traditional Ukrainian dish. They are a kind of stuffed dumplings. There are hundreds variations, mine were with cottage cheese and blueberries. DELICIOUS! These were found in a Ukrainine restautrant downtown. I absolutely loved the interior.

Travel and knitting


If you think I was smart enough not to order anything else, you are so wrong!

Travel and knitting

This is Borsch or the beetroot soup. It was served in a loaf of bread – yes, theoretically speaking, I could have eaten the plate, but in reality, I was too full.


Travel and knitting

Birch trees. The classic symbol of Russia.


Tavel and knitting

This is actually a trash container. I called it a “trash cannon”. The idea is genius!

Travel and knitting

And, of course, a piece of knitting. I spotted this tree in an alley. It’s covered with a knitted huge “sock”. The table on the tree had the note “Just to make you smile” and the name of the furniture store. I have nothing against this kind of advertisement!

I feel very grateful to my parents for organizing this trip for us!