Ode to Heritage

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Getting to know yarn during the swatch process, taking photos of the beautiful skeins is the best way for me to get inspired not just in craft, but also in life in general.Β I’ve been so busy these last months feeling like I am doing it all, but not really finishing anything, that I just needed a quiet weekend morning with my camera, some flowers and yarn – it’s like a meditation for me. I hope you will also enjoy this little photostory and pick your needles today…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

I didn’t think that I would love any other Moeke yarn more than I love Elena, but when I started swatching with the new batch of Heritage yarn, my heart skipped a beat. What a fiber…

The new batch is slightly thinner and softer than the one I am using for my blanket and it creates such a wonderful fabric – with subtle neutral color variations, amazing drape and lightness. It will make perfect season-less garment – it will be light andΒ soft enough to wear next to the skin for a summer evening; and it will also make a great layer piece for colder months.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Even winding the skeins doesn’t feel monotonous – I just love watching how the thread is slipping through my fingers and how colors form into a beautiful and unique pattern…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

The swatching is over and I am quiet happy with the idea that I came up with, usually I am very critical and it takes me weeks to get the result that I like, but this time it went pretty smoothly and just clicked. Hope to show you the result as soon as I can!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Looking forward to seeing your projects at Yarn Along today!


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  1. What yummy looking yarn! I haven’t swatched yet (all my projects thus far have been very simple!) but you make it sound like fun.

  2. Lovely photos – I love the natural wool on natural wood with a splash of purple bougainvillea. And I believe I did get inspired – I’ve had a bobbin of very thin cashmere in my stash for a year, reading your notes now I think a breezy stockinette cardigan for the summer might be the pattern for it.

    • Thank you so much, Carmela! It makes me really happy to read that πŸ™‚ Cashmere light cardigan sounds divine!!! I’ve been thinking of making one with fingering weight alpaca, but haven’t had time yet.

  3. Just beautiful! I love your pictures, they are simple and peaceful.

  4. A wonderful comforting and very beautiful meditation – thank you, Alina πŸ™‚

  5. Ooh, that yarn looks amazing! I have a soft spot for that sort of yarn- we have a Canadian one called Briggs & Little sport, that has that same north american, single ply, real wool feel to it. So wonderful! That Moeke Heritage is going to be so dreamy to work with!!

  6. What lovely photos! Very inspiring

  7. That yarn is lovely, I too have a soft spot for that type of yarn. Thanks for continuing to inspire. <3

  8. gorgeous yarn! I love winding yarn and the meditative state I get into while doing it. I also have a love for thin yarn and this looks just like something I would purchase!

  9. What a soothing post this was to read! I love how you are getting to know the yarn before really starting to work with it.

  10. I really admire you for enjoying each moment of the whole process. Winding the yarn by hand and swatching?! Really?! How can it be fun?!

  11. That yarn! Your photos do it justice, methinks. I have been learning more about the wonder of singles–their strength and the types of fabric they create. Lovely to see your work, as always!

  12. Hi Aline, I am back for my monthly Blog-catch up πŸ™‚ Yes, that Moeke yarn is just dreamy!! I am one step closer to getting my hands on some, and I cannot wait to try it out my self! A beautiful ode to this yarn!

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