November is gone.

Knitting blog November KnitsOr it’s better to say has flown by in a blur. I barely noticed it. This month didn’t give me too many opportunities to fully dive into my knitting/crochet joy. At school we’ve already started our preparations for annual Christmas performance, so my days were filled with listening to Christmas songs, reading about Christmas and watching Christmas theatrical plays. It feels like I’ve been having my Christmas for the last couple of weeks and we still have three more weeks to go.

But no matter how busy I am, I just need my crafty time. Who knows how, but I manage to squeeze it into my daily routine. Well, to be honest it sometimes squeezes out my house chores. If to be even more honest, much more often than sometimes. It reminds me of the song from Never Not Knitting podcast: “She won’t even do the dishes… If it isn’t about knitting, she just doesn’t really care…”. Haha! This is SO me 🙂 I hope I am not alone!

Today I took a long last-Sunday-of-November morning walk with my guy.

Knitting blog November Knits

 I was freezing! Mornings are officially chilly. This morning light melts my heart.

Knitting blog November Knits

Knitting blog November Knits


I am in love with nature. It clears my mind, inspires me and reminds me of simple little things.

Morning shadows…

Knitting blog November Knits Knitting blog November Knits

 Here’s my November’s crafty roundup.

November’s finished WIP’s.

1. Crochet motif. Small 20-minute project, but it still counts as a finished object. Right? Right.

Crochet Motif Tutorial


2. One crochet tunic for my friend that’s been in WIP’s for 7 (shame on me!!!) months.

Knitting blog November Knits Knitting blog November Knits

Other November’s crafty bits are moving on to December.

1. Creative Cables restarted pullover. I’ve finished a back piece so far.

Knitting blog November Knits

2. Started a new project on my newly recovered post-hurricane knitting machine. So excited. I missed it. Thank you, Machine Knitting group on Ravelry for helping me with your tips on cleaning it. Love the color of the yarn!

Knitting blog November Knits Knitting blog November Knits3. Small crochet project with colorful cotton yarn. I love this combination.

Knitting blog November Knits

I am addicted to reading knitting blogs. What is more I love reading on knitting blogs what knitting blogs’ hosts are reading on other knitting blogs. (Wow, what a sentence!) I can’t believe it, but I ended up on My Sister’s Knitter November Loves. I am so happy to become a part of this cozy knitting blog, which is a treat for the knitter’s soul. So I decided to share my November blog list as well. But I restrict myself to just 3 posts, because I can go on forever with this list. It was a hard choice!

November’s blog list.

1. I was blown away by Rebecca’s spinning experience on her Needle & Spindle blog. She was spinning yarn using hand carved spinning whorls and a stem (!) and then dyed her newborn yarn with bracken leaves. The result is handspun yarn of marvelous golden color.

2. According to Matt. This guy is a crochet genius. I just love his blog. He always comes up with the most colorful and cheerful crochet ideas ever. Just look at this November’s tutorial. LOVE it!

3. Autumn post by Andi, My Sister’s Knitter. First of all, I was so happy to know that I am not the only knitter who knits in the warm climate. And second of all, the video reminded me of beautiful autumn colors that we don’t get here. It made me think about my motherland. It’s been more than two years since I’ve seen the “real” autumn.  I miss it…

Bye, bye, November… Thank you for everything!

Knitting blog November Knits


See you in December! Thank you for being with me.