Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

November is gone… And the winter is just around the corner. How does it happen?! In my head July was just a couple of weeks ago 🙂 Though I try to live in the moment and enjoy every day to the fullest, I must admit that I barely noticed the days this month – they were just flying by behind never ending to-do lists. This weekend I decided to take it slow, get my camera, head to downtown, grab a good book, find a cozy cafe and just be for awhile, alone with my thoughts.

San Miguel de Allende is often called the town of the eternal spring.

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

You can never know what’s behind the door – a shop, a private apartment, a spa, a cafe, a little shop with spices and all kinds of olive oil… And you cannot help but smile passing cozy porches.

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

The center is bursting with color! And for me it’s so unusual and precious! I spent all my life, but the last 4 years, living in an industrial town where buildings are light grey, asphalt is dark grey and sky is covered in grey smoke from the plants… Looking back, I am so grateful for taking that risk and turning my life around…

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

Flowers can be found on every corner – covering the walls, hanging from the balconies, growing between, near and on the buildings…

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

This is one of my favorite streets, though it’s so uncomfortable to walk! The slope is too stiff and the cobble stone doesn’t help at all 🙂 But I really feel like I traveled several centuries back when I find myself here. You can see the grand La Parroquia in the center, beautiful and grandeur.

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

I hope you enjoyed this little town tour! Let’s get to crafting!

November Crafty Notes

Recently I find myself awfully organized, even boring 🙂 I try to concentrate on one-two projects at a time and get them to the end. It turns out to be quiet productive, as I don’t have to come back to abandoned WIPs and wonder what I was doing there and how I should proceed. Right now all my projects “speak” to me – I know exactly what the next step should be! This month one cozy and super comfortable sweater slipped off my needles – Fall Raglan. I am so incredibly happy with it and I wear it almost every day!

My current WIP that is so close to FO status is Mineral Heather sweater. All pieces are off the knitting machine, blocked and ready to be put together. I have to finish it this week! If you are wondering about machine knitting, you can read my overview-tutorial on this subject here – How to Make a Sweater on a Knitting Machine, Part I, Part II.

how to knit a sweater on a knitting machine

I am so sorry for leaving you without a World Crafter this month! But I really didn’t have time to put everything together. In December, you will meet one for sure!

Technique of the Month

Speaking of blocking. I know some knitters prefer to skip this step. I know, I used to do it. Blocking seemed like an unnecessary step that hold me back from my finished knit. But once I decided to do everything properly and “by the book” and blocked my knitting. After it I never avoided it! It really makes your knitting bloom and brings out the best in the garment! I like this little tutorial-guide from – precise and valuable information on wet blocking.


wet blocking knitting


I really hope you had a lovely November. I’ll see you in December, which is promising to be a very crafty exciting month!