The day has come. I can finally say these magical words – I wrote a pattern. I am writing these words, but I can’t believe them myself. I always wanted to put my ideas to words and numbers and to help others to recreate them, but I didn’t know where to start and to be honest I was afraid to start. But this July when so many changes were happening in my life, I thought why not now? What is the worst thing that can happen? And just like that I set my foot on the learning path of writing knitting patterns.

The general idea of the design was clear in my head, but it took me almost a month of swatching to find the perfect “ingredients” (aka stitch patterns) to mix together. Weeks of studying the “official” knitting pattern language, determining the size range and working out the structure of the pattern… Oh, how many times I wanted to give up… I was looking at yarn and needles and my hands knew exactly what to do, all the increase and decrease intervals, shaping and finishing details – so easy on my needles, but oh so hard on the paper. How to put this image that I have in my head in simple and clear words that will be familiar and easy to understand for everybody?

Books, websites, consultations with experienced and highly professional tech editors, other knitting patterns – I used everything that I had available. I imagined a knitter, who prints her/his pattern, gets a cozy blanket, chooses yarn and needles, sits down and starts to knit… This image pushed me to look for the best ways to explain, to describe and to show using the simple universal knitting language. And little by little the pattern started to take shape not only on my needles, but also on the paper. My amazing technical editor helped me to put the final touches and my wonderful and very talented test knitters perfected the final draft. My heart was racing when I saw the pictures of the finished cardigans. Literally, one of my dreams came true – somebody somewhere recreated my design…

Cable Cardigan Pattern


All of this wouldn’t even happen if not for you, my dear readers! Your every comment and word of support, your encouragement and kindness, your emails and your messages put me on this road. You were the first who believed in me so I could believe in myself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

I am planning to officially publish the pattern this weekend, but I really wanted to give you a sneak peek and give you the opportunity to get your copy of the pattern on the day of its release. I am not going to reveal all the details yet, but I’ll give you the overview so you can decide if you want to enter the giveaway or not. This pattern is for a classic standard fitting open cardigan with the cable panel.

Cable Cardigan Pattern

The cardigan is knit in one piece and almost seamless (there are just two little shoulder seams). The instructions for the cable panel are charted and written out. The cardigan is graded for 8 sizes – from XS to 4XL.

Cable Cardigan Pattern

If you want to get the copy of the pattern in your pattern library this weekend, leave me a comment with your Ravelry ID. Or you can leave Ravelry ID of your friend who you know would love to knit a cable cardi. It’s a gift season after all 🙂 I’ll randomly choose the winner and send the copy of the pattern on the day of the official publication! You can find me on Ravelry to keep up with all the updates!

Thank you again for your support and constant encouragement! I really appreciate it!

See you this weekend!

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The giveaway is closed! Thank you so much for participating!

The winner is Angela (Ravelry ID – harknessangels).