Moeke Yarns Cable Pullover Pattern Preview – “Journey”

Happy Wednesday, dear friends!

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

I am happy to say that the first sweater in our small collection with Moeke Yarns is off the needles. This design was such an indulgence for me – I always wanted to have a textured wool cable pullover in neutral shade in my wardrobe. When I was knitting it, the name – Journey – came to me all of a sudden and it seemed like a great fit. This yarn is so special to me and I was thinking what a long  journey it’s been through before turning into these cables… From Ioana’s Grandmother knitting in her small village to an idea of creating a wool company, from Romanian sheep to a beautiful skein, from Europe to Mexico, from a sketch to a finished sweater…

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

The pattern itself is in process, but test knitting part will start this week already! Two wonderful knitters, Saskia (@wolzoeerlijk) and Josh (@breiwerken) will start their Journeys this week. Both of them are great supporters of Moeke Yarns! Saskia has her own yarn shop where she carries sustainable yarns and craft materials –; and Josh is a vivid knitter and knitwear designer ( To follow Journey’s journey we created a special tag #Journeysweater; there you will see test knitting progress and stay tuned for the pattern release. Even if you don’t have an Instagram you can still follow it.

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

I will give you a short overview of a sweater. Journey is all about texture. I just saw it this way the moment I got Elena yarn in my hands.

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

One of my favorite details – super cozy double sleeve cuffs and simple 1*1 ribbing neckline that creates a nice contrast with the richness of the main fabric. I also love the neutral natural color that takes on a different shade, depending on the light.

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

Cable Pullover Pattern. Organic Wool Moeke Yarn

I am so looking forward to sharing this pattern with you!

I hope to see you at Yarn Along today!


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  1. I can honestly say my mouth dropped open when I saw your photos! Alina, I have loved every single item you create, but my dear you have outdone yourself this time, Journey is beyond stunning! Wow, wow, wow!!!! Even the name is perfect!
    BIG HUGS to you!

  2. Glorious my dear! Simply perfect.

  3. what beautiful cables. Quite talented, you are 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous sweater! I can’t stop ogling all those beautiful cables, and the natural color just sets them off perfectly.

    • Thank you, Lindsay! Yes, the natural color shows off the texture perfectly. And the smell of this yarn… oh my – green grass, pastures and fresh wind.

  5. Stunning sweater! The texture is amazing! Journey is the perfect name! 🙂

  6. How gorgeous Alina! I love cabled sweaters and this one is so beautiful 😊

  7. oh wow, I think this is going to be my most favourite of your designs yet!! I love the texture on this, it looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  8. The little peak looks amazing. I cannot wait to see it in the whole! Just wonderful you are very creative Alina.

    • Thank you so much!!! It is so weird to hear this adjective “creative” referred to me… I’ve never considered myself a creative person until I picked up a skein of yarn…

  9. Wow. “Texture” and “cabled” don’t quite cover this level of variation and complexity, do they? This is a real work of art, Alina!

  10. Beautiful. So much work, so much talent.

  11. You are clever – such a perfect match of the yarn and texture with the cables. I am so looking forward to seeing how this project develops – and thank you for the links to those interesting, talented folk on Instagram. I shall very much enjoy following their progress at #Journeysweater

  12. WOW. You are truly a spectacular designer, I can’t even imagine how you came up with such an intricate detailed pattern!
    I am also jealous that you live somewhere that allows you to wear sweaters, being in Texas doesn’t really allow that 🙁
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! There was a lot of swatching involved before I came up with this pattern combination, this one just felt right. I also live in a place where winters are pretty much non-existent, but I always find a way to throw on a sweater 🙂

  13. What an accomplishment. It is such a beautiful sweater!

  14. That’s gorgeous! Perfect design for that yarn!

  15. Wow wow wow! How exciting and can’t wait to see the pattern (and more pictures) of Journey.

  16. Gorgeous! This is one pattern I can’t wait to try.

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