Another month is over… It’s time for Adiós – my monthly series of crafty notes and captures of nature. I love how it helps me to be organized and keep track of my FOs and WIPs.

In this Adiós I want to share with you such a special place! This month our school went camping. It’s an annual event where teachers and families come to spend together some time out in the wild 🙂 It’s an amazing experience where teachers and parents get to know each other a little bit better and where children are having so much fun without TV, video games, any electronic devices whatsoever. Just swimming, kayaking, making campfire, dancing, singing and everyone’s favorite – treasure hunt! Camping took place at the breathtaking wild beach surrounded by coral reed. When I first saw it two years ago I couldn’t believe something like this could exist in real life!

Knitting blog travelThis place is mesmerizing!

Knitting blog travelWe had so much fun! I will always remember this place…

May’s Crafty Notes

2 FOs

  • Pure dress, a machine knitting project that became one of my favorite FOs. It was a gift, but now I’m thinking to recreate it for myself, I loved the fit and all the numbers are already done, so why not?!
  • Deep End, a lovely shawl for my Mom. It’s patiently waiting in my crafty basket to be taken out and photographed. So, I don’t really have the evidence of this FO yet. I will try to bring it together next week.

2 WIPs

Hand Knit

  • Exploration Autumn, aka Exploration Station, a gift for my Granny is coming along very nicely!
  • Soho Dress, my modification experiment that I am enjoying so much. The yarn for this project is so amazing, all I want is to hold it in my hands, which means that it won’t sit long in a WIP list.

May’s World Crafters

I cannot tell you how much  joy I get from these interviews. Behind each stitch is a story… May’s World Crafters, Tessa and Samantha, are creating in very different corners of the world, but each of them has the same passion and love for her craft!

Tessa.Los Barriles, Mexico.

Knitting sweater

Samantha. New York, USA.

Hand Knit Cardigan


I hope you had a wonderful month! And I wish you peaceful, joyful and creative June! See you then!