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Switzerland Magliamania Yarn

Happy Sunday! When a friend comes all the away across the ocean and asks what to bring, you say “Yarn, please!”, right? Switzerland always fascinated me with its grand nature and trying some of their local yarns was my little knitting dream. As my own trip there is not happening any time soon, you can only imagine how excited and grateful I was to our dear friend and his wife, who took time out of her busy schedule and chose the most beautiful skeins for me!

The yarn comes from Magliamania Yarns shop, located in Bern. The shop carries handdyed skeins in dreamy fibers – silk, baby camel, merino, baby alpaca, cashmere… Most of the yarns are produced in Switzerland and each skein is dyed individually with the utmost care in shop’s studio; the result – unique deep colors and beautiful shine.

My little treasures:

  • Handdyed Silk/Baby Camel. I’ve never put my hands on Baby Camel fiber and what can I say… It’s so so so dreamy; if you are a knitter, you just have to treat yourself to this magical fiber at least once! Its soft golden color enhanced by silk’s natural sheen reflects light beautifully.

Switzerland Magliamania Yarn

  • Premium Merino/Silk blend is one more handdyed golden beauty. Love subtle variations of color – they will give such a depth to the fabric.
  • White Cashmere/Silk blend in my favorite silver grey shade. This is the first time for me to work with this fiber blend and I cannot express how much I love its softness – it feels like I am holding a cloud in my hands; soft and weightless.
  • Royal alpaca in forest green shade. Unbelievably soft and light. Just holding it in my hands seems good enough – I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to knit with it.

Switzerland Magliamania Yarn

I put the skeins in a special place and I end up touching them every single day. I am postponing a moment of winding them up and casting on – they are so precious, that even just looking at them is enough to be inspired!

If you live in Switzerland or will be traveling there, you should definitely visit this shop – those yarns are meant to join your collection. I wish I could go there myself!


Magliamania Yarns
Babette Eymann
Länggassstrasse 28
3012 Bern

Switzerland Magliamania Yarn

Dear Rudolf and Klara, thank you for this amazing gift! I so so appreciate it!


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  1. Dear Alina
    Thank you – We appreciate that we could make you happy –
    I myself touched it every day – visit us any time
    yours Klara

  2. The yarns look so lovely, and really luscious! 🙂

  3. Goodness, what lovely yarns! I think a big part of knitting pleasure is the yarns when newly arrived like this – still in hanks so you can see and feel lots of the fibre, and you can dream and plan and imagine what you will make! Also extra special if they are a gift from good friends – the yarn will always have that happy association. Enjoy then,- take your time stroking 🙂 and one day you will make something quite beautiful and really worthy of this yarn!

    • “…still in hanks so you can see and feel lots of the fibre, and you can dream and plan and imagine what you will make” – you described it perfectly, dear Katherine! This is exactly how I feel every time I get my hands on the precious fibers! Thank you!

  4. good golly, can they be my friends too??? lovely yarns and you are blessed!

  5. These are such gorgeously rich colours! And you’ve photographed them beautifully! I would definitely visit this yarn shop if I ever happen to find myself in Switzerland 🙂

    • Thank you, Susanne! I am glad you like the photos! Knowing what a great passion you have for travel, I am sure you will end up in Switzerland someday – imagine all the hiking trails out there!!!

  6. You are blessed to have a friend that knows how to pick yarn! Enjoy touching them my dear 😉

  7. Hmmmmmm that yarn is amazing. I always love seeing what others can find overseas. I visited Scotland about five years ago and some of the yarns I found were simply amazing!

  8. What amazing presents! I love traveling the world and finding local yarns to take home with me.

  9. All of those colours are right up my alley.. I think I need to get myself to Bern ASAP!

  10. Alina, I am drooling. And now, I am off to discover more about these beautiful yarns! Thanks for the tip!

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