Small Things Yarn Along.

Knitting. Reading. Clean eating. My three favorite things.

Knitting. Reading. Clean eating.

Knitting. Making quite a progress on my Riviera Skirt. Didn’t expect this one go so fast!


The pattern is really clear and straightforward which makes it #1 WIP for laid-back knitting. I love the texture of the seed stitch and how it “breaks” the color pattern.

Knitting Wool and The Gang

Reading. “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. I started this book by recommendation of my husband and I am so impressed. This is the second time I am coming back to it. Though the book is mostly being promoted as the guide to financial success, it is so much more. It’s about every aspect of your life – health, finance, personal development, time management, your relationships, happiness… And the list goes on. I am sure all these principles can be applied to knitting and crochet as well! Jeff Olson puts you in front of the fact – simple choices and disciplines of your everyday life always work either for you or against you. What seems small and insignificant today, if repeated regularly, will have a huge influence on your life in the future. And it’s never too late to change your life and start making choices that are right for you. It seems so obvious, but we tend to forget it sometimes. It’s a great reminder.

The knitting is very much like the life itself – we build the final  product stitch by stitch, but if we keep dropping these stitches, we’ll run into risk of ruining it… or we can always unravel and start all over again…

Knitting and Reading

Clean eating. Speaking about the right choices… I stopped drinking soda 7 years ago!!! Seems like such a long time ago…  And I must say, I don’t miss it at all! A glass of freshly squeezed carrot/apple juice is so much more delicious! I know my kidneys are grateful for this!

Knitting. Reading. Clean eating.


Happy knitting and stay healthy!