Knitting and The Law of Gravity

Happy Wednesday!

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I often wonder if there is such a thing as a law of gravity that attracts not only us to the Earth, but also events, things and people into our life, some kind of gravity of energy. I love to create knitwear, to look at knitwear, to write about knitwear and take photos of knitwear, so maybe this energy attracts people into my life that have something to do with knitwear from thousand kilometers away?! Or I am overthinking? πŸ™‚ Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to meet a lovely girl who came for a short vacation with my friend to our town. She happens to live in London right now and study … textiles in Royal College of Art!!! If you read my Knitting Inspiration series, you know that many fiber artists that I admire graduated from RCA and I absolutely adore this place – I watched all their videos, read everything about this institution and dreamed of visiting it one day. Can you imagine what I felt whenΒ I actually met somebody in real life who is studying there?!! And what are the chances to meet a RCA student 10 000 km away from London?! Oh, my dear universe, I love you! To put it mildly, I was all over the girl – I asked million of questions and was way too enthusiastic! It was so inspiring to have a glimpse into this realm of textile and knitwear design! She actually studied for a year with Jessica Leclere, that I really admire as a knitwear designer. I was so inspired by this encounter and beyond grateful – it definitely found reflection in my current projects!

I guess this creative energy transmitted into my Moeke sweater thatΒ is blooming and I am falling in love with it more and more every day. I am slowly converting my hectic scribbles to a normal knitting pattern language. I think the test knitting part will start in 2-3 weeks and I just can’t wait – so looking forward to seeing it recreated!

Moeke Yarns

I also came back to my knitting machine after a one week break. Machine knitting is one of the main crafts taught in RCA and it is mind blowing to see what you can do with it! There is still so much to learn and discover for me, lifetime is not enough. I also wanted to say how touched I am by all the emails and messages I get from fellow crafters saying that they came back to their machines after a long break, because they saw my projects or they are considering buying their first knitting machine to try. Do you know what it means to me?! I am a huge advocate of machine knitting craft and I hope to see more and more hobby knitters using it!

My Bamboo sweater‘s pieces are slowly coming off the machine.Β I had to change my initial plans of making a simple 4-piece sweaterΒ – the yarn is very thin, hence the amount of stitches I need is way too big – the knitting doesn’t fit on the machine, so I have to make it in 8Β pieces. I got frustrated at first, but then realized that it is a great opportunity to experiment and play with textures/patchwork techniques. I am curious myself what will come out of it…

Machine knitting sweater

I also got a very sweet gift from my husband – the set of 12 bamboo crochet hooks! He heard me complaining once that I can never buy all that I need in local craft stores and found the set for me online. He is definitely not a romantic guy, so this is a huge gesture πŸ™‚ Do you feel like there comes a moment when your family realizes that your hobby is so much more than just a hobby for you and starts contributing to it?Β I love how light and simple they are!

Moeke Yarns

What can I say… I love my craft, it brings so much joy into my life. Feeling grateful…

I hope that you are enjoying your projects and your craft energy has a very strong gravitational pull!

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  1. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”! Couldn’t help thinking about it.
    I’m so happy for you, for meeting interesting people, for experimenting on your machine, for inspiring others, for getting amazing hooks! πŸ™‚
    It’s a great time to be a knitter!

  2. Way to go, husband! Glad you had a heart go pitter patter event. Those are always fun.

  3. Yup, the law of knitting gravity. Eh, Sir Issac Newton is so yesterday πŸ™‚ The law of knitting gravity – that’s a breakthrough!

  4. I definitely think that people are brought into our lives at specific times, and it is so very cool to see the connections! Machine knitting is not something I have ever tried, but sounds awesome!

  5. Sounds like a serendipitous visit! I have not checked out the RCA, but now I have a good excuse πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see your sweater!

  6. Beautiful photos! And what a sweet husband you have there.
    Yes, my family knows knitting isn’t just a craft, it’s part of who I am πŸ™‚

  7. What an exciting time! Love the yarns you are using, your inspiration and your new hooks!

  8. What a lovely story – I wish I could have been there to watch and listen to you and your new friend. It is interesting what you say about family taking an interest in your craft. My daughter is talking to me about writing a vegetarian blog and working with me on the recipes and ideas. I wholeheartedly support her in this new endeavor.

    • I have to write you a long email and tell you everything in details! I am so excited that Ayo is starting her blog – you two will rule the world πŸ˜‰

  9. Such lovely neutral tones. Really love the idea of the knitting machine. Perhaps after I master my spinning wheel it will be then next natural thing to learn!

  10. I could read the excitement in your words and I know the feeling! When we connect with people who share our passion it’s wonderful experience.
    And I know all too well how you felt getting that gift from your husband. No one in my family knits or spins, but I got my wheel and my weaving loom from my mom. According to her, the craft makes me happy and that makes her happy. So cheers to family who get it even when they don’t! LOLOL! Can’t wait to see your finished pieces!

  11. What a lovely thoughtful gift and I too believe people are drawn to our lives!

  12. I’d say this is the Law of Attraction at work! I don’t quite agree with those who say this law is above everything but I do think it plays a role amongst the other laws in this universe πŸ™‚

  13. What an awesome visit that must have been. Do you mind sharing the link for the crochet hooks if you know it?

  14. What a lovely gift from your husband! I always find it odd to read other women complaining about how their spouses don’t appreciate their crafting or how they hide yarn from their spouses (I know that’s usually a joke, but there is some truth to it sometimes) – isn’t your spouse supposed to support you in what you do?! Glad to hear yours does πŸ™‚

  15. What a delightful post. Full of happiness and joy at your life and creativity within it. I love those connections we make with people that seem to be fortuitous but possibly meant to be, which ever why we look at it they are always special and treasured for a long time. A beautiful gift from your husband.

  16. Your enthusiasm and happiness in making are so very infectious and a joy to read! And what a lovely gift from your husband!

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