Keep on…

After losing my Back To Basics sweater in the hurricane…

Knitting Sweater

… I tried my best to recover another handknit – Raglan Pullover from Creative Cables. Unfortunately this one is lost as well. I couldn’t clean these unidentified spots. Plus the sweater was floating in dirty water for hours, so the smell is unbearable.

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

 Bye, bye…

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

But I decided not to give up on it, as I’ve been planning to knit it for a long time. Actually when I was knitting a swatch for it, I was choosing between rich burgundy red and grey-brown shades. Well, I guess red wasn’t meant to be knit. So, I am moving on.


Knitting Blog Sweater Cables


I remember reading one phrase that stuck in my head: The formula for success is simple: just double your rate of failure. I am back on track exactly where I started – a swatch…

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

Sometimes sweaters, houses, people fall apart. So there’s nothing else to do but keep on going and… well, as for me, knitting.


  1. Oh my, those sweaters are a bit shocking, they really bring home the intimacy of the destruction. Thank goodness skills and perseverance remain undamaged and undaunted.

  2. what determination…..

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