Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of nature.

I just can’t believe that June is over… Where did it go? I am in a very weird place in my life right now, not bad at all, just… strange. Maybe that’s why the time seems to fly by…

June was something like this – working, working, working, some knitting, more working… So, several days ago we felt that we just needed to get out of the town for a day and relax a little bit. One day of doing absolutely nothing, just reading and knitting, of course 🙂

We met the dawn on the road that took us to a very beautiful peaceful and special place. It’s truly a nature’s great treasure – the home of precious coral reefs.

Knitting and Travel

I am really proud of local people who literally had to fight for preserving it. One year ago one big hotel company designed a project to be built here with hotels, golf courses, entertainment center, restaurants and who knows what else. The project’s goal was of course to attract the tourists (read the money) to this little corner of the world. Of course it would provide hundreds of work places, of course it would be great for economy of this small village, but it’s not always about economy, it’s not always about the financial growth. If this project happened, the coral reefs and all the rich flora and fauna of this region would be destroyed in a matter of years. But people got up and attracted different world organisations that developed educational programs and sent their representatives to schools to tell about the importance and value of this little paradise and our responsibility to protect it. And they won! The project was cancelled. The village still hosts the tourists, the ones that are looking for the silence, serenity and peace interrupted only by the soft sound of the waves…

Knitting and Travel

It was a quiet day… Just walking, reading, thinking…

Knitting and Travel

June’s Crafty Notes:

1 FO

Soho dress was the only FO of this month. It was a completely spontaneous project – I was supposed to dive into gift knitting this month. Well, I blame Purl Soho and their inspirational website 🙂

2 WIPs

WIPs are all about gifts, just like I planned. Amiga sweater is still in its infant stage.

Exploration Autumn. Working on it day and night. The last rows are just e-n-d-l-e-s-s! I don’t know how big this thing is going to grow…

Knitting Shawl

The time is flying by and I still need to cast one more gift shawl for my dear Granny Eugenia… Time, time… That’s all I want for Christmas!

June’s World Crafter

This month limited my time tremendously. I tried my best, but just couldn’t keep up. But this interview was very important for me to publish. Nataly, who took us to beautiful Kiev, shared her amazingly textured hand knits with us that took my breath away…

I am deeply grateful to June for all the beauty that it brought in so many forms… July is promising to be quiet hectic and exciting at the same time. But no matter what, I’ll keep knitting and crocheting!

Off to July! I hope this month will bring you joy and a lot of stitches!