Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

Happy February! I hope you had a great start of the new month!

It feels good to be back after a very busy week. Time to sum up January’s crafty and life bits. It was a great month, busy, full of emotions and work. I did a lot of walking getting to know the town better, meeting new people and contemplating.

knitting in San Miguel de AllendeThough the town is full of tourists all year round, it’s still pretty easy to find cozy corners where the time seems to stop and you can be left alone with your book – narrow streets that look like magic alleys, little gardens where only the sound of birds and nature break the silence…

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

I often feel like I got several centuries back and can almost feel the history with my skin.

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

January Crafty Notes

I tried to stay on my craft goals for this year and I feel like I succeeded. This month was definitely a WIP month when my long standing project monogamy collapsed. I have 3 WIPs at the same time and 2 FOs!

Crochet Kram Cardi is still in its infant swatch stage, but I finally made the decision on colors.

Ocean is still on the needles. It is a challenging and exciting project for me. I would have finished it by now if not for my Gallery sweater that came along so unexpectedly.

Green Snowflakes are really slow, as I am trying hard to stay consistent with my tension. But I am in no rush – I want to learn as much as I can from my first fair isle.

All the projects are so different that I definitely don’t get bored and always have something to do during my free evenings and weekends.

The only documented FO of January was Reindeer From the Woods. I loved working on it and I love wearing it!!

If you remember, I promised myself this year to become more proficient on my knitting machine and have one FO a month. I though the Ocean would be my first one, but the Gallery sweater won the race. I still don’t have any photos to show you, but they are coming. I absolutely loved this project and it’s probably the softest sweater I have ever had!

Technique of the Month

For the last couple of years, I’ve been knitting cables without a cable needle. And let me tell you – as soon as you get used to it, it’s so much faster! I really recommend trying it if you want to speed up twisting these stitches. There are a lot of tutorials over there, but personally I prefer to start with the videos. Here is a great one – Knit Cables With No Cable Needle. Just keep in mind that maybe this specific method won’t be 100% for you, I, for example, do it in a slightly different way. But you have to start somewhere to get the idea and then you can experiment and find what is the most convenient method for you.

Knitwear Looks of the Month

I recently joined Pinterest, I may be the last one in the world 🙂 I am still figuring it out and finding use for all the features, but what I enjoy the most is the ability to create my own inspirational knitwear style board. Every morning I open it up to look through all the beautiful knitwear looks with my morning tea 🙂 So, I decided every month to share my favorite picks.

The first look is so perfectly “lady like”! I love the idea of mixing up cables and a light feminine ankle length skirt.

The white textured cable sweater+white jeans – perfect casual outfit for everyday.

My favorite Pin of the month – I would wear this dress every single day – love the length, interesting construction and color!

So, this is all for my monthly roundup. I hope January was good to you!