In Search Of The World’s Finest Wool. Review and Giveaway.

In Search Of World's Finest Wools

A few weeks ago I got an email from Firefly Books with the offer to review one of their newest books –  In Search Of The World’s Finest Wools. After reading book’s description I said “yes” immediately, because I knew right away – every crafter would love to have it on the coffee table! And I was definitely not disappointed – I can honestly say this is one of the most inspiring books about fiber I have ever come across!

Dominic Dormeuil is the fifth-generation president of the Dormeuil Cloth Company that creates high-quality fabrics from natural fibers. He travels the world to select the best wools and learn more about techniques and traditions. For this book Dominic joined forces with photographer and writer Jean-Baptiste Rabouan, who specializes in ethnographic reports. Together they created “A Tribute to the growers and artisans of wool”  with stunning photography and touching stories behind each fiber.

In Search Of World's Finest Wools

In Search Of The World’s Finest Wools takes you on a virtual journey to Greenland, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Ladakh, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Peru to discover the stories behind growth and production of qiviut wool, cashmere, Taewit wool, pashmina goat wool, Shetland wool, merino, mohair and vicuña.

In Search Of World's Finest WoolsWhile reading the book I was looking through my own stash and seeing it in a completely new light! All these fibers have sooo much history before turning into the skeins that bring me so much joy!

In Search Of World's Finest Wools

I love how the book talks not only about the fiber itself, but also about the political and geographical conditions of the region; the role of the fiber in the life of the community and, of course, people who are so passionate about their work. The photography is absolutely breathtaking!! It was a true aesthetic joy to look through every page.

In Search Of World's Finest Wools

I must admit I tried to read it as slow as possible, savoring each chapter, studying each photo and imaging this life, so close to animals and fiber… Thank you so much, Firefly Books, for such a great gift!

In Search Of World's Finest Wools

I am also happy to say that Firefly Books are giving you a chance to win one copy of In Search Of The World’s Finest Wools! Please, check my Instagram later today for all the details of the giveaway – @giftofknitting. The giveaway will be open worldwide and I will announce a winner this Thursday!

Have a great day!


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  1. Wow. What a stunning book – your discussion alone makes me curious about it. How lucky is it to get to have one to keep for yourself.

    I feel so distant from my yarn sometimes, I really should try harder to research where things come from.

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I am happy to hear you enjoyed the review! It’s really an interesting process to go deeper into the story behind a skein )

  2. It sure looks like a stunning book! I often wonder about the sheep that gave their coat for my skeins of wool, especially when I find flecks of dirt or grass intermixed with the fibers–love that aspect of farm yarn! I hope my library carries this book-thanks for the review, Alina!

  3. That book sounds amazing!! Thanks so much for the review Alina!

  4. what a stunning book, it looks incredible!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

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