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Happy Wednesday!

I am back home and getting into my usual life routine here. I know I have been pretty absent from the blogosphere this month and now have lots to do to catch up. I have some projects to share with you soon – small tutorials, new yarn, pattern release… But today I would love to give you a glimpse of my home country and take you for a walk in my favorite Russian city – St. Petersburg. I was lucky to spend a week there with my dear parents and friends. I don’t want to burden you with historical facts and dates; I just hope to share with you the spirit and atmosphere of  this magical city, that has a very special place in my heart. So, let’s go? 🙂

I haven’t been in my home country for two years and I wanted to absorb its culture and atmosphere as much as I could. And there is no better way to do that than throw on your favorite old dress, flat shoes, grab a camera and get lost in the city.

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I started on Palace Square (Дворцовая площадь), probably the most famous spot in town.

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I love this place – it is always full of life! You will also find here The Winter Palace (Зимний дворец), that used be the official residence of Russian monarchs. Right now you can find there the world famous The State Hermitage Museum.

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Just minutes away there is a grand and glorious St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Исаакиевский собор). Its golden cupola that rises over the city won’t let you get lost.

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Its interior is a true architectural masterpiece.

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You can also go all the way up to the dome and enjoy breathtaking view of the city from there!

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My next stop was The Summer Garden (Летний сад), the oldest city’s garden. I enjoyed a long walk along Neva, crossed the bridge and walked all the way to the garden.

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It is a fountain season in St. Petersburg and it is the most beautiful sight!
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If you walk 15-20 minutes from the garden, along the Palace Embankment street (Дворцовая набережная) that runs along the Neva River, you will see a grand statue of the founder of St. Petersburg – Peter the Great (Петр I Великий).

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If you are in St. Petersburg, you just can’t not walk on Nevsky Prospekt – the main and busiest street in the city. Here you will find the best shops, restaurants and the most beautiful buildings. But if you are tired, turn to Griboedov Canal and you will find yourself in front of the magnificent church – The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Церковь Спаса на Крови), then turn right around the corner and relax in a beautiful park in front of The Russian Museum (Русский музей).

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From left upper corner clockwise: 1. Nevsky Prospekt (this beautiful building with a dome is a book store!) 2. Griboedov Canal 3. The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood 4. The State Russian Museum

Your visit to Russia won’t be complete without Peterhof, a magnificent place 40 minute drive from the city. Known as the “Russian Versailles”, it used to be the summer residence of Russian monarchs.

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It is truly one of the most magical places in the world. The palace, surrounded by a huge garden full of fountains, is a spectacular sight. I could get lost there for ages and imagine how Russian emperors used to walk along the same paths and create the history…

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I am so grateful to my parents for organizing this trip and for being with me!

 I hope you enjoyed this little walk and feel inspired to visit St. Petersburg someday! It would make me really happy!

If you enjoyed this post about St. Petersburg, you will definitely love the interview I’ve done with wonderful Olga, an amazing knitter that lives and creates in this beautiful city – World Crafter. Olga. Saint Petersburg, Russia!

Have a great Wednesday and I will be back with knitting soon!

I also wanted to thank you for your kind wishes on the blog’s birthday! Thank you so much!! I was moved to tears.

Love, Alina.


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  1. I was on a Baltic cruise about a dozen years ago and St. Petersburg was on the itinerary. Can you imagine being in that glorious city for only 1 day? a couple hours at the Hermitage (I could have spent DAYS there!!!!), a quick bus tour around the square (I think we had about 5 minutes to run into St. Isaac’s!!!)…then off to Peterhof for another couple hours…then back to the ship. Of everything we experienced on that cruise….I felt most cheated in St. Petersburg. I really really want to return someday with more time to soak in everything. I’d love to hear more about our visit home!!!!!! And of course, see more pics!

  2. It looks so beautiful! I’ve seen lots of ads for Viking River Cruise lines on TV, and one beyond you to St. Petersburg. I’d love to go.

  3. Lovely pictures of my ex-hometown 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I happen to have some Piter pics on my blog as well, because I was knitting Tour-de-Sock stage 6 socks there some weeks ago. Wouldn’t it have been cool had we ran into each other by accident there!

  4. Oh, St Petersburg looks so inviting – I would love to visit, and perhaps one day … such fine buildings, and all that art – and then you tempt us with the thought of Olga’s knitting classes in St Petersburg cafes and restaurants – how wonderful would it be to go to one of those in such a special city!

  5. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful tour. I’ve never been to Russia so far so it was great to be able to see a little introduction.

  6. Wow Alina. That’s some trip. Crazy detailed architecture. Although I like your dress and (yellow!) flats the best.

  7. Welcome home! Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos. I have never been to St. Petersburg so I appreciate seeing it through your eyes.

  8. so so happy you had a good visit and that you are back 🙂 I missed you. lovely photos of St petersburg and those yellow shoes!!!

  9. Welcome back darling – I am sure your hubby is glad to have you home but your grannies and parents and friends will miss you. The photos are amazing. St. Petersburg is definitely a place I would like to visit. What a wonderful way to experience it with so many people you love.

    • Thank you, my dear Akiba! It was heartbreaking to see everybody cry when I was leaving, but I am also glad to be back to my life here 🙂

  10. That was gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your travels sound amazing and relaxing, being able to spend the time with your family makes it all the better. Can’t wait to see some of your knitting from the trip!

    • Thank you, Sierra! I am happy you enjoyed this post. One thing for sure – it wasn’t a relaxing trip at all 🙂 I’ve never been that tired, but happy at the same time!

  11. This city looks so fantastic! I once nearly visited St Petersburg when I was on holiday in Helsinki and figured a boat trip was possible. Silly me didn’t realise that I needed a visa though.

    • Visa is always such a problem 🙁 I also need visa to travel to Europe and it is definitely not easy to get! I hope you will have a chance to visit it someday in the future!

  12. I already knew I wanted to visit St. Petersburg, but your post just makes me want to visit it even more! It looks like such a fascinating city filled with such incredible history. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh wow, what a stunning city!! Your photos are fantastic, giving a taste of the sheer beauty of the place. How wonderful to have family and friends there to make the experience even more wonderful, although of course, that much harder to leave.

  14. What a glorious city! So much beautiful architecture and interesting history. Thank you for the tour!

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