Happy Friday!

This week I listened to one of the old TED’s talks by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she touches upon ups and downs that anyone who lives a creative life goes through in one way or another. I listened to this monologue before, but I like to come back to it every time I feel like I need encouragement and reassurance to keep going in the creative part of my life. In this wonderful and touching speech that I really recommend listening to if you haven’t already, Elizabeth talks about her own creative process and so-called “elusive creative genius” that might be responsible for our creative endeavors. I think it is such a refreshing and inspiring speech that can be applied to any aspect of our lives whenever you feel stuck and need a good push to just keep swimming! It is a great way to start a weekend 🙂

As for my own creativity progress this week, I am happy to say that my wonderful test knitters, Ioana and Sandra, are 90% done with their Heritage sweaters and it means that it will be published very soon!! It will be my first contribution to Moeke 2017, I am really grateful for all the amazing comments I received about it and I hope you will like it once it is 100% done. Three more patterns I am working on (oh, I will definitely need my Elusive Creative Genius to show up for his part of a job!!) will be published in August/September as a part of MY Make Along 2017.

Heritage Sweater Pattern. Moeke Yarns.

I hope you had a great week and excited for the weekend! See you on Monday!