Heritage Sweater Pattern. Preview and Giveaway

Textured Sweater Pattern

I am happy to say that Heritage sweater pattern will be published this Friday and I can finally share some preview shots with you. I hope you will enjoy them. Yarn was definitely my main inspiration – when I was swatching with Heritage skeins, I knew right away that I didn’t want to overcomplicate things, but knit something light, simple and with a nice drape.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

But as usual I couldn’t not indulge in a little bit of texture and mixed basic classic stitches – 1×1 ribbing is gradually growing from the sides towards the center of the sweater, divided from the main stockinette stitch body with basic travelling cable.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

The finishing is simple and straightforward – raw edges of the sleeves and more tailored hem and neckline.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

My favorite details are the compound raglan shaping, that creates a natural line, and the central subtle chain that “divides” the sweater in half.

Textured Sweater Pattern

And as always me and Ioana would love to organize a giveaway for you. Thank you so much for all your support!

Heritage Sweater Pattern 3 copies Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

WHERE: Here, The Gift Of Knitting blog.

TO ENTER Leave a comment under this post with your Ravelry ID or with the Ravelry ID of a friend to whom you would love to gift the copy of the pattern.

Three winners will be chosen randomly and announced here, on my blog on Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarn Kit + Heritage Sweater Pattern Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarns are offering you the chance to win Heritage yarn kit to make your Heritage sweater!

The yarn kit will include skeins of organic pure wool to make a sweater for your size and the pattern.

WHERE@giftofknitting Instagram.

TO ENTER If you follow me on Instagram (@giftofknitting), today you will see a post on my account with all the information how to enter the giveaway! Don’t miss it!!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, 28th of April.

You can enter both giveaways! If it happens so that you win both of them, you will receive the yarn kit and you can gift an extra copy of the pattern to your friend!

Both giveaways are open worldwide! Good luck!


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  1. Lovely!!! I especially adore the raw edges. I have been trying to find Heritage (the yarn) in stock somewhere in the US for a week with no luck. May have to dust off my IG account to enter! Your talent is amazing, Alina, as always. xx
    Rav ID: Roobee30

    • Tamara Snell

      Hi Alina! I love your minimalist approach to this jumper (sweater)–it’s just enough detail and the yarn has a great stitch definition 😍 Thank you for the chance to win the pattern! My Rav username is CoolKnitannia. Cheers!

  2. I love the hem detail on this sweater ! My ravelry id is chrismade .

  3. Beautiful sweater! ravelry id is stacey619

  4. Suzanne Turgeon

    Oh my! I love every detail of this sweater! Just perfect! My ravelry id is suzitwosocks.

  5. Love the simplicity and elegant yet casual details. Perfect neckline.

  6. Love the drape and simplicity of the design. Ravelry id: omainiowa

  7. Great style! I love this Kind of design.
    My ravelry ID is Juttas.

  8. Love the look of this sweater and the color of the yarn is so nice!

  9. This sweater is gorgeous! Now I just need to decide whether to knit a summery one or a woolen one for winter 🙂 My ravelry ID is PurplePleats

  10. oh, how lovely!
    maybe I will be the happy one?
    ravelry: orangewhatever

  11. I adore it. Perfect! I am twistedyarns on ravelry

  12. Grace Anne Carter

    This sweater is stunning and I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.
    I’m gracieanne on Ravelry

  13. I still haven’t made a sweater yet, but this is beautiful!
    RavID: ReannaLynne

  14. Looks lovely with the subtle details and diagonal and vertical lines! 🙂 ravelry id: matkailijakirppu

  15. Such a beautiful sweater and pattern! Love the simplicity and the details of the design. id: cllcraft

  16. Beautiful! I love the shape! raverly id: giginits

  17. Beautuful sweater! Love the hems!
    My Ravelry id: katarinka

  18. It looks gorgeous! My Ravelry id is: Sandra1900.

  19. Nicole McIlhargie

    Love the simplicity of this sweater but still has enough details to keep it interesting.
    Ravelry Id: nicmcilhargie13

  20. Congratulations! You have a lot of talent and this rustic wool goes very well with this model. I also like the middle line and the odds on the side As for the color, that’s what I knit very regularly!

  21. The beauty of simplicity – love the minimalistic design and well placed details!
    RavID: gukineru

  22. Jessica Tropp

    Elegant sweater. I love classics with a twist.
    Ravelry ID: LunariaLovesTea

  23. This design captures my knitting mojo!
    Kimmiekat on Ravelry

  24. Marie Heyartz

    Your Sweater looks simply beautiful.
    Simple,Clear with a special Kind of unique.
    Ravelryname: rose1958

  25. I LOVE its simple beauty!
    Congratulations on publishing 🙂
    satokichi on Ravelry

  26. Such a clean and classic design with a modern twist!
    Rav: monatraix

  27. Beautiful sweater. Looks cozy and rustic!

    RavID: snowflower596

  28. This is a beautiful sweater – understated but effective!
    RavID: KnitMaple

  29. Lisa Larsdotter

    This is so beautiful! I would love to win the pattern. Ravelry Id : LisaLarsdotter

  30. What a beautifull design is this. It gives all the respect to the robust yarn and also a lot of ellegance.
    @ioana, wat komt de wol prachtig uit in dit ontwerp!
    RavID: Bolletje61

  31. What a beautifull design is this. It gives all the respect to the robust yarn and also a lot of ellegance.
    @ioana, wat komt de wol prachtig uit in dit ontwerp!
    RavID: Bolletje61

  32. What a beautifull design is this. It gives all the respect to the robust yarn and also a lot of ellegance.
    @ioana, wat komt de wol prachtig uit in dit ontwerp!
    RavID: Bolletje61

  33. Carlyn Ferguson

    Such a beautiful pattern. I look forward to the publishing. My Ravelry id is pineapplefun.

  34. Sophie Lewing

    Hello!! Lovely sweater!! I Would love to make it!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Revelry ID: sophieflewing

  35. Beautifull <3! Maybe I will be the happy one? My Ravelry id is: Edi-bk

  36. Lovely sweater! AnneBeanVA on Ravelry

  37. Carla Dirckx

    What a beauty!! Love to knit this sweater. My ravelry ID is carlaco16.

  38. sarah desatoff

    Beautiful Sweater!! I can’t wait to knit it! My ravelry ID is sari27. Thanks:)

  39. The shape of the sweater is gorgeous! My Ravelry ID is francispaul61 thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  40. susan dorion

    Live this sweater and all your work. My ravely name is susna59

  41. What a gorgeous sweater and thanks for the opportunity to win a kit! gypsythedog on Ravelry

  42. Wow. Fabulous sweater! Fabulous yarn!
    Ravelry ID: Quickerby

  43. I really need to create more lovely basics like this to add to my wardrobe, which consists of some pretty beat up baggy t-shirts, now that the kids are a bit older maybe I can have nicer clothes that will stay nice lol. Rav Id eilysknits

  44. it is very very beautifull

  45. it is very very beautifull

  46. Wow, you did it again – excellent design job! Very elegant, with modern shapes and lines – a classic piece of knitwear!

  47. I try my luck for this contest!
    I love the shape of this sweater, it’s exactly the kind of sweater I wear.
    My Ravelry ID is Cathsan

  48. Just an amazing work 🙂 I’ve never knitted any top down sweater yet and still keep looking for a best model to start-this one seems to be THE one I choose…
    RavID: gobila
    I love it even if it’s not top down…;)

  49. A beautiful sweater, I would like to knit him!
    My ravelry-ID: Merlenentli

  50. So, so nice!
    Greetings Sabine

  51. That is so beautiful – so understated. My Rav ID is amazinggrace, thank you for the chance!

  52. Congratulations on creating such a lovely sweater.
    My ravelry ID is xmasknits

  53. That is a beautiful jumper, have added to my pinned list of ideas to make, my ravelry id is willow72

  54. Ulrike Emmert

    Beautiful ! Exactly how i want my sweater – simple, but special 🙂
    My Ravelry ID is Marlin17

  55. Very lovely pattern! I’m just dying to knit with this yarn!!

  56. Mary Giger

    As always your designs are a beautiful simplicity that shows off the yarn with a certain complexity to keep the knitting interesting. Bravo!
    Ravelry ID : mptang

  57. Berit Love

    Simply love this sweater! One color and rustic ❤
    Id :downorth

  58. Sherri Bero

    Lovely! I’m Twinglemom on Ray. Entered on Instagram too and reposted, but I get nervous having my account off private…

  59. Diane wright

    Your knitting patterns (and knitting) is sublime! It’s not often I fall in love with a pattern and want to copy Exactly! Very rare indeed!
    Ravelry ID: audreysdaughter

  60. Lochlan Stuart

    This is a very classy sweater! It has classical lines and a bit of whimsy. I would love to knit and wear this sweater. My Ravelry name is LanaLottie.

  61. Very elegant.I love this sweater
    RAvelry ID: LaEmma

  62. I’m in love with this sweater and I must have it! 😍
    Revelry SPRANGER

  63. so beautiful, loveliest details. ravelry ID is softrope

  64. so beautiful, loveliest details. ravelry ID is softrope

  65. Beautiful sweater! Very simple lines, yet it has elements that will hold interest while knitting and create interest while wearing it.
    Ravelry ID is knitnshirl

  66. Nice jumper! Looks easy to wear. My Ravelry name is otagogirl. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Lovely!! Raverly ID Mary8084

  68. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see everyone’s sweaters when the pattern is released.
    Ravi ID: Purlspurlspurls

  69. Love this sweater!
    Ravelry ID mystitchjourney

  70. @bettysusanne
    Gorgeous pattern. Will add it to my ever growing wish list.

  71. Aletha(Lief) Vande Griend

    Love the Heritage sweater. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.
    My revelry id is gmalief.

  72. Alison McCarney

    This semester is absolutely perfect and I cannot wait to knit one. We’re just coming into winter here so I think I’ll put it in my queue to knit over the ’17/’18 summer, to wear in winter’ 18. Absolutely genius marriage of yarn and design. Well done!
    My Rav user name is borisandstasha. xx

  73. Another beautiful pattern! You’re so talented, Alina. I hope we get to see some pictures of you modeling it! 🙂

    Rav ID: knittinglindsay

  74. Oh my, just the sort of sweater I’d like to make as my first sweater for grown-ups! I’ll look forward to seeing the pattern.
    My Ravelry ID: agbens

  75. I love the simplicity! Beautiful!

  76. I follow the progress of this sweater from the beginning. It cames out beautiful.
    My ravelry ID is ducathi

  77. I just love this! Rav ID is zimblek.

  78. Lovely sweater. Your photography is always so inspiring. My rav id is knittsings

  79. This is simply beautiful! Ravelry ID: aknitfullife

  80. ImpossiblyAlice

    This sweater is gorgeous. My ravelry id is impossiblyalice

  81. I love the lines of this sweater!

  82. Oh! I have been waiting on this one – it’s so perfect! Rav ID is harlequynh 🙂

  83. Beautiful sweater! I love the simplicity and details. Rav ID: snikrepirb

  84. It’s simple and yet there’s such beautiful detail to this sweater!!! RavID summli

  85. Maria Magdalena Knoller

    I LOVE it. Its a simple beautiful sweater! ravelry id is strick-tick

  86. Love the simple but beautiful sweater. RavID Yuanpao.

  87. What an elegant sweater! So versatile too. Live it. Ravelry id is woollysock. Thank you 🙂

  88. What an elegant sweater! So versatile too. Love (not live!) it. Ravelry id is woollysock. Thank you 🙂

  89. Dominique Mauqui

    I’m in love with this sweater ! My rav ID : theoniepoilderat

  90. Dominique Mauqui

    I’m in love with this sweater ! My rav ID : theoniepoilderat
    Thank u so much

  91. Beautiful sweater! I’ll e to make one from your pattern. Meganngn.

  92. ooh, i would love a copy! my Ravelry ID is tigerlilith 🙂

  93. It is very very beautiful, Alina – I love the simplicity and the way you’ve worked with the yarn. Just amazing. kaydeerouge

  94. Stunning in it’s simplicity but quietly elegant at the same time. Got to make this one !

    Ravelry ID Roxyrana

  95. Such a class. A real understatement piece. Love it. fil-afil

  96. Tammy Sutheland

    This is a classic lovely – I would love to knit a own version! My ravelry name is : tammykins
    Thank you!!

  97. Great pattern!!
    I love ‘simple’ knitting with a twist!
    All the best
    Esther ( aka tucan54 on Ravelry)

  98. Would love to add this classically elegant sweater to my wardrobe!
    Ravelry ID = Barrbear

  99. What a beautiful, elegant design. I haven’t used Moeke yarns yet. It have been eyeing the heritage and wondering what I could knit with it, this pattern just might be it! So lovely.
    My ravelry ID is frankiep

  100. Oh! I would love to knit this sweater for me 🙂 The raglan lines blend into the curved and straight lines of texture in the sweater keeping it simple with elegance. My ravely id: akshata

  101. what a pretty pattern!

  102. Wonderful!
    I love à lot. :-):-):-):-):-):-)
    Tatacharlotte ravelry

  103. Beautiful use of moeke yarn and a beautiful design.
    chumily on Ravelry

  104. Heritage sweater – I love it!


  105. Beautiful in its simplicity!

    larisa on Ravelry

  106. Such an elegant design! I really like the detailing on the hem.

    Rav id: Anniveikko

  107. This is the classic sweater that I would wear every day! woolyeyes on Ravelry.

  108. Marilynn Hart

    Beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity. Ravelry id: marilynnhart

  109. becca made

    Gorgeous! -beccamade

  110. I love the simple but complex elements of the design. My yarn awaits this pattern! Rav ID is Sethney

  111. Nancy Kuelbs

    Such a beautiful design, simple, clean lines. Exquisite! My Ravelry ID is nkuelbs.

  112. Wohooooo, what a beautiful sweater ❤️❤️❤️
    ID swolli

  113. Such a beautiful sweater. I love the deceptively simple elegance and the Moeke yarn is a perfect match! I’m so glad I discovered you and your designs on IG – where has your brilliance been all my knitting life! Thanks for a great giveaway. 🙂
    TrishKnits on Ravelry

  114. Mary Strickland

    Oh my heart! This is beautiful! My Ravelry account name is rstrick1
    Thank you 🙂

  115. Jan Johnson

    What a lovely sweater! My Ravelry ID is islandgirlknits.

  116. Love, love, love the pattern!
    Ravelry: snuffertrickle

  117. Wunderschön!

    I am Wockensolle at Ravelry

  118. Beautiful and timeless. 🙂
    Ravelry : knitaly

  119. Vera Tegethoff

    Der Pullover ist ganz wunderbar, schlicht und raffiniert. Kompliment und Grüße von

  120. Very classic and beautiful 😉
    Rav: adane59

  121. Wendy Stackhouse

    I love everything about this sweater! Please enter me in the giveaway! My Ravelry handle is: sopranospinner

  122. Beautiful and “boho-chic”.. and.. i think it’s so soft.. compliments!
    Ravelry id: Principesse

  123. Just what I had in mind for summer knitting
    Ravelry: eastbayknitter

  124. That sweater design just may be perfect. My Ravelry id is BostonTara

  125. leslie huppin

    stunning drape and perfect for spring….just love it
    Ravelry: lhuppin1

  126. oh wow, Alina- I love love love this!! Such a wonderful design, and I can’t wait to get the pattern!!!

  127. I have just the yarn! beccalandon on Ravelry

  128. Beautiful sweater! Simple and classic! This would make a lovely addition to my handmade wardrobe 🙂 My Ravelry ID is bromefields. Thank you for having the giveaway!

  129. It is very beautiful sweater!
    My ravelry ID is poisdesenteur

  130. So beautyful…love it! ♥
    64powerflower on ravelry

  131. Gorgeous simplicity
    ID: ariarts

  132. Love this design! Simple, comfortable, and bueatiful:)
    ravelry ID: cookymama

  133. Hermoso, minimalismo puro y elegante.

    Id. Rav marest2009

  134. Chris Majchrzak

    What a beautiful and simple sweater. I love it and can’t wait to make it. Thank you for the giveaway! I am CTChris on ravelry.

  135. Love this neat design, I’ve been stalking your Instagram looking for it ever since I caught the first glimpse! Thanks for the chance to win, I’m Malin on Ravelry.

  136. Great design, and still time to make it for spring… (wwild on revelry)

  137. I was immediately struck by this pattern. Simple lines with a touch of detail. I love it!
    Ravelry ID: bonniejj

  138. Janet Daniels

    The simplicity of the design and the sweet finishing details make this garment a staple for my wardrobe.

  139. RID – Lisa-24-7

    Seriously though, I’d consider buying this one. It’s gorgeous! I love the simple ribbing divided by the cables and the nice drape that yarn creates. I’m already wondering if I have something similar I could use around here to knit it in.

    Have a great week!

  140. Lorraine Carroll

    Wow. This is my style to a T. Would love to win, this would look great with jeans and boots or a long flowing skirt.

  141. Lorraine Carroll

    Sorry forgot my Revelry I’d which is Bijourain, doh!

  142. Your sweater looks great,so cozy.Id love to enter your giveaway,thank you!
    My rav-ID is rubin

  143. What a lovely sweater! So simple and yet so stylish – I have to get that pattern definitely!
    Thanks for organizing a giveaway!
    Ravelry ID ringelkatze

  144. Diana Cripe

    I love this. Nice and cozy. Simple lines with just a bit of texture.

    PTOKnitter on Ravelry

  145. Would love to knit this! Rav ID: suzymarie

  146. Lisa McGuire

    Lovely and very comfy looking sweater! I would love to win this pattern for myself (RAV: llmcguire) and my friend Mary (RAV: woolybear368) Thank you!

  147. What a lovely design!
    Ravelry ID: spinne

  148. Diane OConnor

    Beautiful sweater and yarn …
    ralvery: dianemoconnor

  149. I can’t wait to make this!!
    Rav name is wildflowr 🙂

  150. Mercè Terradellas Saurí

    Simple, natural and cute!!
    Raverly ID: merce

  151. This sweater is just my style! I just returned from Iceland with a suitcase full of wool. It would be perfect for this design. Ravelry ID: Susan

  152. My user is amayita on Ravelry!
    What a beautiful sweater, and the yarn is to die for! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  153. A lovely classic design to stand the test of time. I would love to knit this for my daughter. Rav ID Ifshlp

  154. Hope my comment comes in under the wire. Congratulations on a beautiful design from followtheyarn on Ravelry.

  155. Linda Bruce

    Love the construction. RavID = Wells201

  156. Yay! Thank you so much for the pattern, Alina! 🙂

  157. sorry i missed out on the giveaway chance……this is one GORGEOUS!!!! sweater! guess I’ll just have to queue it on ravelry!! Thanks for sharing your amazing styling and creative spirit.

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