I was planning to visit my family, so I decided there is no better way to show how much I care, but with handmade gifts.

There is a gift #1 for one of my grandmothers. I wanted to create something special, something I would enjoy making and something that will be functional as well.

The first project was the shawl by Lynette Meek from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2013. It’s an absolute stunner! It was not the easiest project, but the final result is worth it.

Knit shawl


For this project I’ve chosen my favorite local yarn – 100% natural softest cotton in neutral shade. The original is knit in deep red color, but I wanted something more subtle. This color, named AVELLANA (hazelnut in Spanish), changes from warm beige, almost yellowish to “cold” beige depending on light.



I am in love with this lace pattern

Knit Lace Pattern

Knit Lace Pattern


The name of the yarn is Trigo which means wheat in Spanish.

Knit Shawl


Thank you, Vogue Knitting, for an amazing pattern. It was a joy to make.

Vogue Knitting


Oh, by the way, have I mentioned it was my FIRST knitted lace shawl? Being addicted to sweaters and dresses, I’ve never actually got to shawl knitting. Well, thank you, Grandma, again for challenging me to try something new.