Friday Knitting Inspiration. Johan Ku.

Happy Friday!

It’s been awhile since my last Knitting Inspiration post, life’s been busy. Today I would love to introduce you one of my favorite and inspiring knitwear designers – Johan Ku. Johan was born in Taiwan, in a family who was very far from the world of art or fashion. At the age of 17 Johan started working as a freelance graphic designer and later became fascinated with the fashion and textile design. During his studies, Johan released his “Emotional Sculpture” knitwear collection – a mix between wearable shapes and art pieces; after that the world’s fashion industry labeled him “The Glory of Taiwan”, acknowledging his innovative approach to knit textiles.

Knitting inspiration
“Emotional Sculpture” collection. Photo:

Johan’s signature style is sculpture-like silhouette garments, unique textiles and chunky yarn. Designer is mostly inspired by “interesting textiles and yarn” – this is always a starting point for his collections. His label is a mix of wearable pieces and knitwear art installations. I find the latter especially fascinating – yarn takes an incredible shape in the hands of Johan.

Knitting Inspiration
“Emotional Sculpture” collection. Photo:

One of Johan’s life goals is to have 100% creative freedom. He believes that the fashion can be “a sort of art, if designers create from their soul”.

Knitting Inspiration
Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection. Gold Label. Photo:

To see more of Johan Ku’s knitwear pieces visit designer’s official website

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! What work!! If I have to be honest I love these clothes and I’d like to have one, though not know if I could put them … I do not know if I would go out on any given day with something !!! I think have taken away many eyes … 😉

    • I am glad you love it! Johan is an artist and these pieces are more like a creative expression that the actual wearable garments. I absolutely love this kind of interpretation of knitwear. But on his website you can find much more wearable pieces!

  2. I think it would be so interesting to see how a piece like that is made. From inspiration, to actually knitting it.

  3. Wow. Those are very intense – definitely cannot wear those to the grocery store!
    Ok all jokes aside, I really do love what he is creating and how it has become a beautiful, almost delicate art form.

    • I love that knitting is turning into a form of art – pictures, sculptures, installations – the possibilities are endless!

  4. Ooh – I love these pieces and I am crazy enough to wear them – but living in the desert does not make it possible.

  5. whoa, so inspiring! I love the mash up of techniques. I wonder how soft it is to wear? They look quite sturdy.

  6. Wow, they are not everyday wear are they. Intriguing and interesting. An amazing imagination as part of the process.

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