Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite knitwear designers – Iris Von Arnim, a German fashion designer. Iris started knitting in early 70s. She got into the car accident and while recovering in the hospital, picked up the needles. As turned out the car accident opened up a new world for this wonderful, hardworking and talented woman. 6 years later Iris opened her first small boutique in Munich.

In early 80s Iris’s knitwear brand was rapidly growing. She was among the first designers to introduce cashmere in Germany and was one of the first to “spice up” classic knitwear with bold colors and intarsia.

Right now Iris Von Arnim label is known all over the world. Her knitwear brand turned into the full fashion label with dress and woven items in every collection. The company has been in the business for 35 years and I really hope it will keep creating for many years to come.

I admire Iris’s sense of style, the simplicity and elegance of each piece, beautiful and eco-friendly materials.This is the kind of knitwear that you can wear every single day, every season. It is timeless.

For more inspiration visit brand’s official website You will be lost there for hours!

Have a great weekend! I hope you will have enough time to devote to your craft!