Today I want to share with you one more star from the knitting universe – Anna Dudzinska.

Anna, a polish fashion designer, specializes in knitwear and has been conquering fashion world for several years now. Her works have been presented by such fashion authorities as ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour.

Her latest collection CONCRETE GREEN features chunky wool sweaters, dresses and accessories. The stitch patterns are simple and classic – garter stitch, slipped stitches, ribbing- but Anna’s unique designer’s vision brings the best out of classic.

Anna describes her work as “avant-garde street style” and she finds her inspiration in modern architecture and interior design. In my opinion her pieces are very wearable and not difficult to recreate. One of my favorite pieces is a simple long sweater from Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Airy, transparent and of such a beautiful neutral color! One more thing to add on my “to-knit” list.

You can find many more inspiring knitwear pieces on Anna’s website Find Anna on Instagram and follow her knitting journey!

Have a great creative weekend!