Friday Knitting Inspiration. Amy Hall.

Amy Hall, a knitwear designer from London, was trained as a photographer, before realizing that knitwear is her true passion. The beginning of Amy’s story is very similar to most knitters. She was taught to knit as a child by her mom and grandmother. She was constantly knitting. Whenever she had a free minute Amy would pick up her needles and disappear in the fiber world. After awhile her friends started to ask her to teach them how to knit and it gave Amy the idea to start giving knitting classes in London. And as we know we learn better when we teach. Amy’s confidence in her skills was growing and she started to experiment with shapes, textures, fiber and colors. Following a traditional pattern wasn’t exciting for her anymore and she started to play with unconventional techniques, creating one of a kind pieces. As Amy says she was literally stopped by people on the street who were desperate to know where she got this sweater/cardigan/dress/scarf. Not a long time later, Amy launched her debut collection – Amy Hall knitwear – in 2010.

Knitting Inspiration
Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Hand knit cable coat. British blend of merino wool and mohair. Photo:

Later she took a knitwear design summer course in Central Saint Martins and since then Amy is a full-time knitwear designer working with her team in London and creating all her knitwear pieces by hand. The brand uses only high quality yarns, most of them are of British origin.

Knitting Inspiration
Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Hand knit Wrap style cardigan. British blend of merino wool, mohair and silk mohair. Photo:

“Now, more than ever, I feel that wool has a central part to play in fashion,” says Amy. “In an increasingly synthetic industry, it is the best renewable fibre we have. It is important to use natural yarns where possible and if wool is properly looked after, it will last you a lifetime. It keeps you warm, it’s versatile, comfortable – it’s simply a wonderful fibre to work with.” I think we all can agree with her.

Knitting Inspiration
Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Hand knit Cocoon cardigan. British blend of merino wool and mohair. Photo:

I love the simplicity of Amy Hall’s knitwear pieces and I admire that every single item is hand-knit!

Knitting Inspiration
Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Hand knit Chunky sloppy jumper. Cotton jersey yarn. Photo:

My favorite design is this simple, but striking dress. I love these eyelet details along the side seams!

Knitting Inspiration
Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Hand knit strapless gown. 100% mercerised cotton. Photo:

For more knitwear inspiration visit Amy Hall’s website –

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Wow! These are amazing – I love them all but especially the strapless long green dress. I am drooling.

  2. Be still my heart. I love her garments.

  3. Beautiful and interesting designs. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. What a talented designer. So many beautiful pieces.

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