Every day I am surprised and amazed how many forms and shapes knitting can take. There are knitters who knit for themselves and dear friends, there are business owners that knit for hundreds-thousands of people, there are artists who use knitting as a tool to recreate their vision of the world, there are knitters who knit interior pieces… But Alice Hoyle does something absolutely different and extraordinary. She actually knits the interior in the form of a garment. Sounds confusing, right?

But that is exactly how Alice, a knitwear designer, describes her way of work – “Do you have a favourite room or certain place that feels like home? This made to order service will allow your special place to be made into a knitted¬†garment, so you can feel a sense of harmony and home wherever you may be.”

How amazing is that?! Her knitwear collection is inspired by Feng Shui and geometrically replicates the home in the form of a garment. There is a variety of techniques used to bring this idea to life, including patchwork, knitting, sewing, felting…

What a truly unique and fascinating idea – a knitting architecture! Visit Alice at her website to see more of her amazing pieces – www.alicehoyle.com.

Have a great creative weekend! Who knows what you might come up with using just a simple piece of thread and sticks?!