Today I would love to share with you some knitwear pieces from the  Spring/Summer 2016 collection by modern fashion brand Maiyet. Though the heart of the company can be found in New York City, Maiyet can be definitely called international fashion brand. The label works with crafters and artisans from all over the world – India, Thailand, Peru, Italy, Kenya, Japan, etc.

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade crochet Fringe Scarf and hand knit Arc T-Shirt Dress. 100% Japanese silk. Photo:

What I love about the company is how passionate it is about hand crafting. Maiyet works with skillful and passionate fiber artists from all over the world and the list of the techniques used in creating their collections is fascinating – hand knitting, macrame, crochet, hand block print development, reverse appliqué, embroidery, batik, shibori, metal working and hand carving.

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade Wave Jacquard Sweater. 72% wool, 28% pape. Photo:

This collection is so fresh, light and perfectly relaxed. Simple designs, hand craft and premium yarn… Perfect for a cool windy summer evening…

Knitting Inspiration

Hand knit Crew Neck Sweater. 100% Japanese silk. Photo:

I would wear every single one of these pieces! My personal favorite is this sweater-tunic with slipped stitches. I love how the simple technique created such an interesting effect!

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade Dress. Photo:

For more inspiration visit Maiyet official website – There you will find not only hand knit clothes, but also all kinds of textile craft!

Have a great creative weekend!