Friday Inspiration. Janaina Mendonça.

Lately I’m drawn to Brazilian designers… Janaina Mendonça won my heart with her feminine and classy crochet dresses.


 This dress is basically an encyclopedia of crochet stitches! I love playing around with different stitch combinations myself and I know what a challenge it is to put them together in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasant way.

Crochet Dress

 Little black dress. Love the “pineapple” lace on the neckline and sleeves!

Crochet Dress

And my favorite. Black-and-white zig-zags make quiet an impression!

Crochet Dress

Look up more works by Janaina Mendonça on her website –

Have a nice crafty weekend!


  1. The first LBD is working for me. So very very chic!

  2. Those are great dresses — but I’d be just as happy to look like the model!

  3. I can’t decide. I love them all!

  4. Amazing collection! I love that small black dress with the pineapple motif.

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