Amanda Henderson. One more jewel in a knitting world.

Amanda is an independent knitwear designer who works in Queens, New York. Amanda finds her inspiration in everyday city life, mountains and a forest. She mostly creates in free form and doesn’t knit by pre-established patterns, but goes with the flow.

She loves to play with volume and rich texture of a knit stitch.

 Unusual shaping.

Combination of different materials and textures. I love how she is drawing the pattern with beads on a knitted fabric.

This dress is magnificent!

And I love her sense of humor – not every designer will take a risk to combine a huge oversized knit coat with a pair of Adidas slides!

Those are designs that I can’t imagine wearing or knitting, but Amanda’s creations are like a theatrical play. Dramatic and inspiring.

You can enjoy  more works by Amanda on her website –

Have a nice crafty weekend!