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I-cord Bind Off In The Round. Sleeve.

How To Knit I-Cord Bind Off In The Round

I-cord bind-off creates a very beautiful edge and gives your garment this “polished” professional finish look. It’s very easy to knit and this tutorial can be used with any pattern!

How To Pick Up Stitches For Raglan Sleeve Without Holes

Free Asymmetric Shawl Pattern

How To Pick Up Stitches for the Raglan Sleeve and Avoid Holes in the Underarm

If you ever knit a raglan sleeve, you know how frustrating the holes in the underarm can be. The tutorial shows you the way how to avoid the underarm holes altogether and pick up stitches impeccable in the underarm area!

Grateful Shawl. Asymmetric Triangular Shawl Free Pattern.

The shawl is knit from the corner in garter stitch. Asymmetric triangular shape allows for different ways of styling and also gives you the freedom over the size/depth of the shawl. You can make it as small or as big as you wish! The yarn options are absolutely endless – as you knit from the corner, the gauge is not essential in this project, so you are free to use yarns of different weights. It’s a great on-the-go project, as the pattern is very easy to memorize. The pattern provides photo guide that will walk you through the beginning of the shawl. The shawl is knit simultaneously with the I-cord edge, which means this pattern is finishing free! The pattern is suitable for beginners.

Tuck Stitch. Hand Knitting.

How to Knit a Perfect Edge

How To Knit a Tuck Stitch. Machine Knitting and Hand Knitting Tutorial

This textured stitch creates absolutely beautiful fabric. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions how to recreate this stitch on any knitting machine. This stitch is very interesting to work with, but easy enough to create garments with it. If you don’t have a knitting machine, you will also be able to try it out by following step-by-step instructions for hand knit version of the tuck stitch.

The Perfect Edge – Finishing Free Technique

How to avoid finishing raw edges in your project? How to knit I-cord simultaneously with the main fabric to avoid picking up stitches later? How to create the edge that will look perfectly neat from both sides? How to create the edge that will keep the fabric flat and neat? All of these questions are covered in this tutorial.

How To Trim Neckline In Knitting

Free Seed Stitch Cowl Pattern

Perfect Neckline Trim Tutorial

How to finish the neckline impeccably? How to avoid holes and bulk in the neckline area? How to add the colorful contrast to your sweater? How to hide all the imperfections? All of these questions are covered in this tutorial. Use this technique with any project (knitting or crochet) for any type of garment (pullover, dress, cardigan, top) and with any pattern!

Chunky Seed Stitch Cowl Pattern

An easy beginner’s project, the perfect on-the-go knit. It is great for using your stash yarn or leftovers. The pattern gives you tips how to add a slight gradient effect and how to avoid too tight cast on edge.

cable cardigan pattern

Chevron Crochet Blanket

How To Knit Jogless Textured Stripes in the Round.

Knitting in the round can be both a blessing and a curse. The latter occurs when you have to switch between the stitch patterns or between the colors – your garment ends up with the visible jog. This tutorial shows you how to avoid it and create the smooth and practically invisible join between the rounds when changing the stitch pattern.

Textured Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern.

Take out your stash yarn, your crochet hook and cast on for a fun and easy blanket! I used a fun variation of the chevron stitch, which creates a very beautiful texture. The fabric created by the stitch is so rich that it will look interesting even if made in one color. In my sample I used three neutral color blocks, but you can experiment and change a different color every other row or even every row! I also made a step-by-step photo-tutorial to get you through the first rows.


how to make a sweater on a knitting machine
how to make a sweater on a knitting machine

How To Make a Sweater On a Knitting Machine. Hand Knitter’s Guide. Part I.

Apart from hand knitting and crochet, I became quiet obsessed with machine knitting. I know that not all hand knitters understand what the knitting machine is and how it works. In this tutorial I give you the overview of the knitting machine and explain the basics of it from the point of a view of a hand knitter. I hope to awaken an interest in machine knitting in you and break the stereotypes that some people might have about this craft.

How To Make a Sweater On a Knitting Machine. Hand Knitter’s Guide. Part II.

This tutorial shows you the techniques used when working with the knitting machine – how to join yarn, how to decrease and increase stitches, how to bind off, how to shape shoulders and neckline using short rows and how to fix mistakes without taking the knitting off the machine.

Crochet Motif Tutorial


A simple and quick crochet project. Step-by-step photo tutorial is provided.