Ok, I knew about the curse of a boyfriend sweater, I read scary stories of knitters who ventured on this dangerous path of making something for their guys, I read dozens of times of “I’m never going to knit anything for him. Ever. Again.” But I was naive and hoped that the curse would somehow escape me. No, didn’t happen.

My Flax was flying off the needles so fast, that at the end it crashed really hard. I was at the point of ribbing already when I decided to try the sweater on my husband and check the length. The length was perfect, the shoulders were perfect, everything was perfect. For me. And he said something like that: “It’s really nice, but can you remove a couple of inches here and there, I want it more fitting and here can you change…” He stopped here, because my face said it all. Boy, was I angry. No, I cannot remove a couple of inches here and there, because in order to do that I have to rip out 80% of the sweater. No, I cannot change this or that here because I showed you the pattern, you said you liked it and I made it the way it is. So deal with it. And off I went.

He was surprised at the very least. I almost never get angry. I remember at the closure ceremony at school, one of the most mischievous guys in our classroom said: “Alina is the most patient person in the world” 🙂 I don’t know what you have to do to kick me out of my comfort zone. Well, turned out a rejected sweater that I put days into did the job. Two minutes later I cooled down. So, what to do with the sweater? Of course, I know that he will wear it the way I made it and be fine with it. But the idea of giving somebody a hand knit sweater made from lovely Peruvian wool and knowing that it wasn’t exactly how he liked it is just unbearable for me. Maybe he can deal with it, I can’t. So, my Flax from this WIP stage…

Hand knit sweater


…came to this one.

yarn ball

Yep, ripped it out entirely. This is how knitter’s pain looks like. Now, the question – should I throw it at him?!!

yarn ball

Good thing I am a process knitter, just like a product knitter. A ripped sweater means only one thing – more knitting time exploring a new construction, touching delicious wool and enjoying the clicking of my needles. I am going down with sizing and if he doesn’t like it again, I am wearing it. Period.

Oh, and one more thing – “I’m never going to knit anything for him. Ever. Again.” Please, remind me of this post if he ever asks me to make something for him again.

Happy Sunday!