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These last days I distinctively felt how the seasons clicked… Warm sunny days changed to gloomy, misty and chilly mornings, windy afternoons with cloudy and grey sky and rainy nights. Though I love sunshine more than anything, this weather still has a certain appeal for me, putting me in a cozy mood and keeping me inside as much as possible. But this weekend, I put all the to-do lists aside, put on La Flor sweater under a jacket and my beaten up, but the most comfortable boots on and went for a long walk.

Textured Sweater

The town changes dramatically with the weather – there are less people on the streets, the colors seem more sharpened after the rain and it seems like all textures stand out more. People get into small cafes to get a big cup of hot coffee, read newspaper and hide from the drizzling rain. I love watching them from outside – reading, sitting in their computers, talking and laughing with their friends… For some reason it reminds me of my favorite book, “A Moveable Feast” and Hemingway’s Paris… I suggest you grab a nice big cup of cocoa, wrap yourself into something woolly and walk with me πŸ™‚

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

The Gift Of Knitting Blog

I hope I put you in a cozy and knitwear making mood πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. I have enjoyed more than ever putting on sweaters and walking outside too, even though my walks aren’t as beautiful as yours πŸ™‚
    This weather is the knitter’s paradise! All I want is my armchair, a blanket, a hot cup of tea and many wips!

  2. This walk made my day! So beautiful. The photos were perfection. Thank you for taking us along.

  3. What a beautiful town you live in! Amazing photos!

  4. Maydayschild

    Absolutely loved the photos!

  5. oh I love when you take photos of your town and share them with us. I feel like I’ve traveled without leaving my house. I’m glad the weather is changing and it’s sweater weather (the best time of the year).

  6. It has been a beautiful fall. I can see where the inspiration for your knitting textures comes from!

  7. A lovely ramble round your town. I am struck by how many beautiful flowers are out even though it is the colder season – will they stay all winter?!

    • Thank you, my friend! Well, the weather is very weird here, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. When it’s sunny it gets really warm, even during winter, but if it’s cloudy for a couple of days – take all your blankets and wool sweaters out! There are much much less flowers right now, in spring the town is covered in all kinds of flowers (April/May are the best months to come for a visit!)

  8. So beautiful!

    It’s cold and rainy here. I blocked my sweaters over the weekend and am looking forward to sweater weather.

  9. How beautiful! I loved the pictures of the doors … it looks like your town has so much character! Your post just made me excited to return to my own city and see it in a new light :).

  10. It does feel nice to be in cozy sweaters again! Fall isn’t my favourite season, but it’s the one I like dressing for the most. Your city is SO gorgeous!! You should do a mini travel guide. If you feel like it!

    • Thank you, dear Julie! I have weird relationships with seasons – I love cooler days when I can wrap myself into my knits, but I am so in love with summer and sunshine! The good thing is that I love plant fibers just as much, it is always so much fun to switch between wool/alpaca and cotton/silk/linen!

  11. What a beautiful place! your capture of it is stunning!

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