Knitting and Reading Yarn Along

Knitting Shawl

Reading. Gifts of knitting for gifts of knitting – my friend who asked me to make a dress for her friend’s birthday brought me my favorite treat from her trip – knitting magazines! By the way, she told me that Pure fitted her friend perfectly and it was an amazing birthday gift for her! Oh, how happy I was! Pure is in good hands 🙂 Back to magazines. There is no access to knitting magazines in my town, so this addition to my knitting library is highly appreciated. It’s weird but with all my love for knitting magazines I rarely use their patterns. For me the knits there are more of a source of inspiration, rather than a collection of knitting instructions. I just love knitwear photography – always sparkles my imagination!

Knitting. The shawl – a gift for my Granny – is so addictive! The color changes and short rows make the simple garter stitch really engaging.

Knitting Shawl

So far everything is working out great, no bumps in the road whatsoever. The pattern is providing all the necessary information and Stephen is guiding you through the first rows with a very helpful YouTube video. The yarn is lovely – springy and inspiring.

Knitting Shawl

There is something about the feel of wooden needles and wool in my hands that makes the whole process even more enjoyable. I love my Addi needles, but I am always happy when the pattern gives the opportunity to pick up my no-name wooden pair.

Knitting Shawl

As the pattern is established, Exploration Autumn becomes a very portable on-the-go project. I’m sure I’ll take it for the long hiking tours, car trips and in bed evening knitting time. Just perfect.

I am going to work right now, but I know that a cup of tea, a spoon of honey, my cat and knitting magazines will be waiting for me on a couch. Sounds like a happy evening!

Off to work!

Have a great week!