Earthly Shades

Wool Yarn

Though spring weather is in its full bloom, the sun is shining and the temperatures heated up, I am still in the sweater weather mood, being drawn to earthly shades and cozy wool. I even created a special Pinterest board to virtually give me the taste of warm fires, misty mornings and rainy nights. I know that in a couple of weeks, I’ll be happy knitting with my cotton and linen skeins again, but for now it is all about woolly fibers.

This weekend was a little bit rough for me, so I needed to escape into my yarn wonderland. Between busy knitting Moeke sweaters for September and working on other dozens of projects, I’ve been playing with my stash yarn and some leftovers.

Wool Yarn

Having DROPS in my yarn basket again brings so many memories. It is one of the most popular yarn brand in Europe and I loved working with it when I go home. Andes line is one of my favorite – beautiful color palette, interesting texture of the thread and delicious mixture of wool and alpaca. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen it in my insta stories last week.

Wool Yarn

I also finished a big project with Magnum that I can’t share with you now, unfortunately, but the good news is I have two skeins left. I decided to play around with the crochet hook. I don’t think I ever used 10 mm hook for any of my crochet projects; all my crochet dresses and cardigans were made with tiny hooks to create a very subtle fabric. Volume created by roving yarn is so unusual and inspiring…

Wool Yarn

I hope you are inspired to pick your yarn today 🙂

Have a great day!


Debbie Bliss. Paloma.
Chainette Yarn
Moeke Yarns. Heritage.
Ode to Heritage
Bulky Peruvian Wool
Magnum Magic


  1. Definitely inspired – I love your earthly colors and your earthy photos. Good luck knitting with all those nice big wools 🙂

  2. That earth palette is amazing! The lighter green and pink, swoon.

  3. What lovely photos Alina! I have never tried the Andes yarn before…it looks gorgeous.

  4. Such beautiful colours – glad you can find comfort in playing with yarns and colours when life is tough. That’s exactly what I do … and I always think people would find it a bit odd!

  5. I am loving all those earthy shades 🙂 Hoping things improved post-weekend for you! Knitting and yarn therapy are the best remedies, sometimes.

  6. love that earthy palette, so soft but still has colour! And magnum is so cushy, looks great in the crochet swatch. I know you’ll be able to share the secret project one day, and I look forward to it!

  7. I hope you have a much better week this week and the next and the next. You always pick such lovely yarns 🙂

  8. Earth tones are the best. I realized a couple years back how much I love them when it became apparent that the only clothes I have a dress read and are also earthtones. I guess I expressed my bias that way. Nothing better than a cute boy earthtones. Love your yarn, and wishing you the best need enjoys as you work with it.

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