This week keeping the recommended distance, my friend and I ventured on a short road trip out of town. My friend, Margaux, is an owner of a beautiful concept store As every small business out there, it is going through some rough times and she is thinking of various ways how to keep the head above the water and pay her employees. Website revamp and online store redesign was something she’s been thinking for awhile now and there is no better time to get creative than right now when we have so much time on our hands. We brought a box of her products and got to work – styled and shot dozens and dozens of photos. It felt so great to be out in the wild nature and feeling productive again. During these weird and uncertain times, nature and creativity are what bringing me most peace. On the way back we saw a gorgeous scenery of textured rocks that looked like a perfect background for my Fog cardigan. I absolutely love these photos that will always remind me of this cloudy rainy day out in the wild, my dear friend and my knitting of course, that always helps me to stay sane no matter what’s happening.

I hope you are finding beauty in your days as well! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!